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Clean Transport CyberRoadster

Published on December 10th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


The Tesla CyberRoadster Needs To Exist

December 10th, 2019 by  

Tesmanian founder Vincent last week shared a really cool concept of a Tesla CyberRoadster on Twitter, and it needs to be real. Imagine the new Tesla Roadster crossed with the Cybertruck. It’s a nice blend of two trendsetting vehicles that also result in zero emissions when driving around town or through the countryside.

The concept even has the cracked windows from the actual Cybertruck reveal, which have become a fan favorite since they really add to that dystopian flair.

The CyberRoadster, if it actually became reality, looks like it would have the Cybertruck’s “eyes” and “nose and design theme while having the Roadster’s “body.” In other words, it has the angular features and the exoskeleton of the Cybertruck but with the Roadster’s lower stance and wider bodywork.

The CyberRoadster would combine the sleekness of the Roadster with the artistry of the Cybertruck into one unique electric vehicle that would not just be made for speed, but also a tough beast to reckon with. Yes, we need the CyberRoadster to become reality.

Some think that this is similar to a Lamborghini of some sort or another with a better roof, and that it would be the ultimate supercar.

In general, Tesla exceeds at standing out with its uniqueness, but I am really feeling this concept. (Editor’s note: I want this. Santa?)

Someone else mentioned that if the CyberRoadster existed, it could be determined too strong during a collision with other cars. This opened up a dialogue about emergency brakes in which Twitter user Johnny says, “The goal is to make emergency brake better and to make self-driving good by the time the Cybertruck comes out so that most accidents would be avoided and that it wouldn’t be the Cybertruck’s fault if someone hits it.” One thing we all know from Tesla’s nice collection of safety awards is that Tesla prioritizes safety first and foremost.

The CyberRoadster may not be as useful during a zombie apocalypse as the Cybertruck, but as with other sports cars, it does smooth out some of those sharper edges and have an extremely appealing design compared to the truck/SUV β€” and it would be faster. As for the broken windows?

β€œWe don’t makeΒ mistakes, just happy little accidents.”
β€”Bob Ross.

Franz breaking those windows has not only made Tesla an even more popular subject to talk about, but many of the Cybertruck renders include the broken windows. A happy little accident, indeed — one that had Tesla fans cracking up laughing while going “OMG!” simultaneously. The most important question is: will Tesla add shattered window decals to its online store?

While stock analysts and car enthusiasts alike discuss Tesla, the Cybertruck, and other concepts, Tesla is still doing what it set out to do: it’s mission.

Note: It is unclear who created the CyberRoadster render. If it was you please let us know so that we can give you credit. 


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