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Published on December 2nd, 2019 | by Zachary Shahan


20 Tesla Cybertruck Updates From Elon Musk

December 2nd, 2019 by  

The Tesla Cybertruck reveal shared a few key details about the truck thingie, but it left many people itching for more information (and, well, scratching their heads). Naturally, Elon Musk monitored responses pretty closely by checking out what was popping on Twitter in the hours and days following the event, and he has responded to numerous tweets sent his way. Below are ~20 pieces of information succinctly added to other details about the Cybertruck.

Photo by Kyle Field | CleanTechnica

1. You’ll be able to get a matte black Cybertruck.

2. Well, you can actually get the Cybertruck in any color … if you get it wrapped. (It’s unclear how many options Tesla will provide from the factory.)

3. A solar-powered Cybertruck will be an option from Tesla. “Will be an option to add solar power that generates 15 miles per day, possibly more. Would love this to be self-powered. Adding fold out solar wings would generate 30 to 40 miles per day. Avg miles per day in US is 30.”

4. Tesla will indeed sell the electric ATV that was driven onto the back of a Cybertruck, but it will first be available as an add-on for the Cybertruck.

5. Camper mode will also be an accessory option.

6. In fact, expect a lot of accessory options (including balls of steel).

7. The shape of the Cybertruck is good for aerodynamics / a low drag coefficient. In fact, Elon says the truck might hit a drag coefficient of just 0.30.

8. In particular, Elon highlighted, “Laminar air flow due to a completely smooth bottom is underappreciated.” Our own Paul Fosse noted that he appreciated that, which is why he took the following picture. Elon gave Paul’s tweet a Twitter heart. ♥

9. “Cybertruck has active suspension height & damping control” in part to avoid problems like this:

10. The driver’s seat will somehow be big enough for André the giant. (Note: Yes, the tweet below was from June 2018, but Elon responded to his 2018 tweet with a follow-up: “Def not dainty.”)

11. The vehicle was inspired in part by some video games.

12. The Cybertruck’s design was also influenced in part by the Wet Nellie submarine car from The Spy Who Loved Me, a 1977 James Bond film. Elon Musk has owned that prop since 2013, when he bought it at an auction for $1 million, and it was on display at the Cybertruck show (photos below by Kyle Field for CleanTechnica).

13. The truck is not curvy because of the 30X cold-pressed steel.

14. The body panels will be laser cut.

15. Tesla originally planned to use titanium for the body but switched to cold-pressed steel due to the latter’s higher strength, higher hardness, and lower cost.

16. Tesla is creating that steel alloy in-house.

17. The steel body will require some new manufacturing methods. (It’s unclear if those manufacturing methods have been figured out by now or not — I’ve seen this tweet interpreted both ways.)

18. You will be able to order a special edition version of the Cybertruck that uses steel from MK-1 (which recently exploded).

19. Elon expects to make a smaller Cybertruck as well in the long term.

20. “Tesla Cybertruck (pressurized edition) will be official truck of Mars

Bonus: this is the best vehicle to buy if your society is facing an era of apocalypse.

Bonus: the owl is not real.

Bonus: a 3rd row is possible.

Just sayin’:

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