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Published on November 13th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


Tesla = 3rd Most Valuable Automaker In The World

November 13th, 2019 by  

With the companies recent stock price rise, Tesla [TSLA] has surpassed Daimler for the #3 spot on the list of most valuable automakers in the world. This is on the heels of news of Gigafactory 4’s location — Berlin. Many may see Tesla coming to Germany as a slap in the face of some of the legacy automakers, but I see it simply as Tesla establishing another foothold as it climbs its own personal mountain. That mountain is its goal of accelerating society’s transition to 100% sustainable energy.

Top Automakers by Market CapTable by @brandude87

Tesla took the spot from Daimler in the wee hours of the trading day in Germany — which makes the milestone especially interesting as Elon Musk stands in Berlin. At the time of this writing, Tesla is worth almost $64 billion, while Daimler is worth almost $63 billion. Of course, as the market dances around, the two companies could easily trade places and fight for the #3 spot, or Tesla could slowly (or quickly) climb to the #2 spot and take it from VW.

Eventually, as Tesla continues to progress, many shareholders expect it will take over the #1 spot from Toyota.

Tesla Model S

Photo by Chanan Bos, CleanTechnica

What Does This Mean For America?

When compared to other vehicles made at other companies, American autos are generally seen as not so great. Toyota is known as one of the safest and most reliable brands among my friends, and Mercedes is the equivalent of luxury. However, this is changing as Tesla continues to dominate the premium-class markets. We see this in somewhat symbolic fashion with Tesla taking Daimler’s spot at number 3.

This is a great thing for the US, as it shows that we are taking a spot at the table among leaders in the industry again. Tesla is seen as a threat to other automakers because of how high tech its cars are. Porsche’s response to Tesla is the Taycan, and although many do love it, not as many love its price tag.

The Porsche Taycan starts at $150,900 while the most powerful Turbo S is $185,000. Fully loaded, it’s $241,500. The Tesla Model S starts at under $100,000, and the Model S Plaid will be lower than Tesla’s competitors — the prices haven’t been announced yet — while offering greater performance. Also, the new 2020 Tesla Roadster will cost around $200,000 and the first few will be $250,000 (those will be the Founder’s Edition), while it will outcompete million-dollar supercar “rivals.”

For the everyday American who goes to work, comes home, and maybe goes out for entertainment a few times a month — they just want a car to get them from point A to point B. This is where the value of Tesla has already come into play as more and more people choose the Model 3 over any other car. Safety is a concern and we already know it’s received top scores in that department. Want fast? Tesla. Want the best autonomous driving tech? Tesla.

What this means for America is that Tesla is already being recognized as a leader in the auto industry and is revitalizing a portion of the manufacturing base. This is something we should be proud of. Tesla is our quarterback. It’s our Drew Brees. (Yes, I’m a Saints fan, WhoDat!) As the European car market and Germany’s auto industry transitions to e-mobility, Tesla will also have a positive force within its borders, boosting the economy and creating jobs. That’s something for all parties to be thankful for. 
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