Ford Mustang GT Burned By Tesla Model 3 SR+ (Video)

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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus by Dr. Maximilian Holland
Image courtesy Tesla.

Due to instant torque, the ease of moving in front of another driver for a needed lane change is one of the strengths of an electric car. I’ve left many gas cars far behind simply to ensure I move over to the next lane safely ahead of a stream of traffic.

Others take it a step further. A street challenge between cars is an example of that. In the following clip, a Ford Mustang GT owner challenged a Tesla Model 3 owner to a straight-line run. Looking at the specs, comparisons, one could easily think GT Mustang would be the winner. Looking at the paper specs does not tell the story here, though. Via X Auto, here’s a specs comparison:

Perhaps the most surprising thing when watching the video is that it’s a Model 3 Standard Range Plus (the base version on Tesla’s website), not the Model 3 Performance. X Auto model comparisons lead one to believe the Mustang GT would be the easy winner. The specs of the Mustang GT show a top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h) compared to Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus’s 140 mph (225 km/h). More importantly, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus shows a 0–60 mph time of 5.3 secs compared to the Mustang GT’s 4.2 secs (according to a Motor Trend test).

No doubt, the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus triumphs against the Ford Mustang GT Coupe due to its instant torque. Other model details may be at play, too — we don’t have enough information to know.

The starting price (MSRP) of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus ($ 39,490) is nearly the same as the Ford Mustang GT Coupe’s ($40,450). Both are rear-wheel drive cars.

Iqtidar Ali rightly notes, “the other major difference? CO2 Emissions! The Mustang GT emits an estimated 9.8 tons of CO2 / year per car, that’s freaking horrible.”

Yes, as Iqtidar points out in his article, there are many ways people come to choose Tesla. The races can be a factor in bringing Tesla awareness to those who are gearheads and not environmentalists. Others may be researching the USA’s safest car, the car with the best autonomous driving tech, or the car with the most Easter eggs. Choosing electric vehicles due to their indisputable driving performance and pleasure is certainly a top reason for Tesla’s market success, though.

Featured image: Tesla Model 3 by JRR | CleanTechnica

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