Tesla Model 3 = Most Efficient Car In America, & Mini Roadster 2.0 Scale Model Now Available

For the past century, fuel economy has been one of the key factors used to evaluate automobiles. Miles per gallon is part of most conversations about cars, starting with the official mileage estimates displayed prominently on new cars in the showroom. As we transition to a new age where electric vehicles are the norm, a new parameter is emerging — efficiency. It’s a measure of how far a particular vehicle can go on a given number of kilowatt-hours of electricity.

To help people understand the importance of efficiency, the EPA has devised a new metric it calls MPGe. It starts with the amount of energy contained in a gallon of gasoline then calculates how far any given car could travel on that amount of energy. In years to come, MPGe will become the number talk about instead of mpg. What MPGe does is give you a yardstick you can use to measure one car against another when shopping for an electric car.

Until recently, the Hyundai Ioniq was the champ with a combined rating of 136 MPGe — the highest of any car sold in America. But the latest figures are in and there’s a new sheriff in town. The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range + is rated at 141 MPGe, the new gold standard for EVs in America.

The Ioniq has been upgraded with a larger battery and more powerful motor for the new model year, changes which frankly were sorely needed. It used to have a paltry 124 miles | 199 km of range but now can go 170 miles | 273 km on a single charge. The upgrade has made the car a little less efficient, though. Its MPGe rating has slipped to 133, which is still better than most electric cars. For example, the lovely to look at Jaguar I-PACE is rated 76 MPGe — roughly half that of the Tesla Model 3.

The Ioniq may still be a good deal for many shoppers. Prices for the upgrade car have not been released, but is is likely to cost at least $5,000 less than the Tesla and is still eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit. After December 31, Teslas will no longer qualify for any federal tax credit. The result is, you could park one in your driveway for about $13,000 less than a Tesla Model 3.

Park A Tesla Roadster 2.0 Under Your Tree This Christmas

Tesla Roadster 2.0 model
Image credit: Tesla

Now you can own an authentic Tesla Roadster 2.0 of your own and have it delivered in time for Christmas. The 1/18th scale model is faithful in every respect to the actual car, right down to the carpet on the floor. Here’s how the company describes it on its website.

Officially commissioned by Tesla, the Roadster 2.0 diecast scale model was meticulously overseen by the Tesla Design Team. Every detail, curve and surface was replicated from the same 3D CAD data used to manufacture the actual Roadster. The 1:18 scale Roadster features:

    • Over 180 metal and plastic parts
    • Detailed interior
    • Diecast metal
    • All doors and trunk open
    • Convertible roof
    • Rubber tires
    • Steerable wheels
    • Carpeted trunk and interior
    • Seat belts made of fabric

Product details:

    • Dimensions: 252mm long x 109.5mm wide x 70mm high
    • Weight: 0.875Kg (1.925lbs)

Sold exclusively through Tesla. Shipping available to US and Canada only.

The price is $250 and the scale model Roadster can be ordered online from Tesla. Act fast. Boring Company flamethrowers sold out quickly. The Roadster 2.0 model is sure to be an instant classic, so order yours today.

Tesla Roadster 2.0
Image credit: Tesla

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