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Published on November 5th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


BMW’s Version of Scare Tactics is Elon Musk

November 5th, 2019 by  

BMW’s version of scare tactics for its employees is Elon Musk, and I am cracking up laughing over this article, which turns out to be from 2017, by Financial Review. When I first read it, I thought it was a post-Halloween joke or something, but alas, BMW is pretty serious about putting the fear of Musk into the hearts of its workers.

As noted above, the article is a couple of years old, and like most older articles, it provides some insight as to Tesla’s role in the industry and how it has evolved. In this case, let us hope that BMW has discovered other ways to inspire their employees. The article opens up with a very descriptive scene: a bright auditorium, an abandoned airfield somewhere in Germany with rows of men and women staring at a giant screen.

As an image of Elon Musk passes by, the speaker says, “We’re in the midst of an electric assault. This must be taken very seriously.” One would think we are at war. You have the hidden bunker, the army of men and women being prepared by their leader, who is giving them some type of speech. I almost wanted to get up and yell some type of battle cry when I read the first few lines of that article.

All jokes aside, one has to consider the fact that, well, in 2017 at least, BMW was using fear to scare its employees to do a better job — seriously. (Disclosure: we don’t have direct confirmation of this.)

Tesla Model 3 fleet

Why Perceive Tesla & Electric Vehicles As A Threat?

Well, because they are, and this is why these scare tactics are being used. Tesla represents a new age, the dying of the old and the birth of new, more technologically advanced modes of transportation. The kicker is that Tesla isn’t even trying to steal customers, but is simply trying to advance us to a better way of using energy. The reason many auto companies can’t compete with Tesla is that Tesla isn’t even playing the same game as they are.

Tesla reinvented the game. In order to play, you have to know the rules. What are the rules? Well, what does the average Tesla owner want in comparison to the average BMW owner want? What do the average Tesla owner and the average BMW owner have in common? Therein lies a kernel of information.

Remember, Tesla isn’t just about cars. Let’s look at a tree, for example. It wasn’t always a tree. It started out as a seed. The tree grew roots and eventually rose from the depths of the earth to reach out and touch the sky. It touches the sky with its branches — leaves and flowers. It bears fruit.

Tesla is this tree. It started as a car company and grew into something else. It has vehicles, but also provides solutions for home electricity. Each product of Tesla is like the parts of the tree. The Roadster is the seed that sprouted roots. All the other car companies are just blades of grass surrounding the giant oak tree that looms over them. They can not compete because they are an entirely different species of plants.

Tesla Model 3 & BMW i3

How To Beat Tesla At Its Game

First, you need to understand that for Tesla, it’s not an actual game. It’s a mission, a way of life, and a reinvention of the way things are done. To succeed at this “game,” you need to understand the rules.

Rule number one: Recognize that change is inevitable.

Rule number two: Automakers need to realize it’s not about them, and let that ego go. Tesla isn’t out to destroy you. Tesla’s out to help you better yourself. See what you can do better, and do it.

Rule number three: Don’t forget the first two rules. Now go and evolve. Instead of using scare tactics and fear, learn the ways of your “enemy” and grow as a company. 


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