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Published on November 1st, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


Did Elon Musk Leave Twitter Because A Helpful, Popular Supporter Was Banned?

November 1st, 2019 by  

When a voice is silenced, it becomes louder. Its final echoes turn into haunting screams that fill the night skies with its echoes of truth. The echoes resound inside the minds of those who seek to silence it. The ghost will never truly be put to rest until the truth has been exposed. The act of silencing a voice only makes it deafening. This is the case with the popular Twitter account @Tesla_Truth. The owner of that account is a Tesla owner named Omar Qazi. He wrote an update for those of us on Twitter who have noticed his visible absence.

Omar’s goal with Tesla_Truth was to expose the massive social media disinformation campaign that was orchestrated against Tesla, while also posting real and truthful information about Tesla’s products. He did this beautifully, and it attracted a mix of fans and enemies to him.

Omar was also featured in Bloomberg, for which he demonstrated exactly how Tesla’s Autopilot works. He also posted a video of Autopilot that shows what happens if you take your hands off the wheel and how it is literally impossible to fall asleep while using Autopilot and have the car keep driving for long. This video — a video that even Elon Musk enjoyed — has been deleted, since Twitter deleted Omar’s account.

Omar’s account, Tesla_Truth, is not the only one that has been silenced, but his is a very well known and broad example. Twitter has permanently banned Omar and told him that he is no longer allowed to create any accounts at Twitter.

The fact that Twitter chose to silence and ban one user yet gives people like President Trump an all-access pass to online bullying simply because he is the president shows just how easy it is to use and abuse the system. Omar was targeted, stalked, and harassed by many members of the “TSLAQ” cult who hate Elon Musk and Tesla to the point where they actually harass Tesla owners and supporters on a daily basis.

This Is Bigger Than Omar Qazi

Omar is just an example of how easily the system can be used by those who wish to cause harm to a business. Some of the very same people who tag the FBI, the Department of Justice and the SEC in many of their tweets have committed the crimes they are claiming Elon Musk has — they use fake accounts to bully, stalk, and harass Tesla owners online because they wish to manipulate the stock market so that they gain wins while shorting the stock.

I have no legal proof of this, but I see it every day on Twitter when a short seller messages me or someone I know and says, “You are a horrible person,” or curses me out online trying to make me feel bad for supporting Elon Musk, a human being who is simply trying to make the world a better place for us to live in.

Omar has had his identity stolen by short sellers who filed a fake NHTSA report in his name. This is how far some of these shorts will go. Not every short seller is a bad person — but those who engage in targeted harassment have very questionable morals. And when we have a platform, like Twitter, seemingly take a stance on the side of a group of people doing the very things that are against Twitter’s own policies, one can not help but note the hypocrisy.

You can not stand against bullying while taking sides with the bullies. You can not be against bullying while silencing the victims of those bullies. You can not tell one person that he is never allowed to use your public platform ever, ever again, yet you let the President of the United States of America target and harass people every day.

In September 2019, President Trump took to his own personal Twitter account to harass Chrissy Tiegen. He called her a “filthy-mouthed wife.” This is the President of the United States bullying someone. If Prince Harry, Justin Trudeau, Elon Musk, or even any other world leader went after another person like this, there would be repercussions.

“I’ll miss you guys all a lot! The 11 months we had together on that account were great. Never forget what the Tesla short-sellers did! If they can use Twitter to try and destroy Tesla, others will use Twitter to destroy America and destroy democracy.” —Omar Qazi

Malcolm X once said that the truth is on the side of the oppressed. Although Tesla fans and owners are not oppressed in the same terms as African Americans have been by our nation, this statement rings true for those who have been targeted in any sort of way simply for fighting for justice. The truth will win out. When someone’s truth is silenced, their voice can become louder.

It appears Elon Musk may have left Twitter about this, or at least gone offline for a bit. This is not confirmed, but he had responded to and retweeted Omar several times. Like others in the Tesla Twitter community, he appreciated Omar’s tweets. He just tweeted earlier today that he is going off Twitter (perhaps just temporarily, perhaps longer), and there is not other obvious reason why.

This is about more than Tesla, short sellers, and Twitter, though. This is about a group of people silencing one person because they felt threatened. People who would rather believe lies than face the truth of the fact that their entire thesis is based on hatred, lies, and greed.

The beautiful thing about America is that we are not oppressed by our government. If we were truly oppressed, I would be killed for writing this article. Omar would have been killed for disagreeing with the oppressors. While we have imperfect platforms such as Twitter when it comes to investigating actual bullying, we have a better system that is over two hundred years old and gives those who have been seemingly silenced a megaphone to scream their truth into.

The truth will win whether it’s comfortable for you or not. Truth rises to the surface in time — because, in the end, truth is. And that can be avoided, but not denied. 
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