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Published on October 21st, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


Tesla Model 3 Wins 4 Awards From UK Car Magazine Parkers

October 21st, 2019 by  

The Tesla Model 3 has just won 4 awards from British car review magazine and car guide Parkers. One of those awards is the New Car Of The Year award for 2020. This is the first time an electric vehicle has been crowned with this award.

New Car of the Year


The Tesla Model 3 won in more categories than any other model and is appreciated for its clean approach to reduced emissions and interior design. Parkers mention that the design and interaction create a relaxing environment that, along with usable autonomous driving, “takes the human stress out” of road congestion and monotonous driving.

Parkers also pointed out that the support network of Tesla’s Superchargers, Powerwalls, solar, and other technologies unite the Model 3 into an ecosystem that minimizes the damage caused to our planet’s own ecosystem by over a century of driving (putting out CO2 emissions).

“Although we’re a long way from the end of days for petrol and diesel, it’s good to know that the forward-thinking among us have a choice of some very talented alternatively-powered cars. The Tesla Model 3 isn’t just a good electric car. It is a good car full stop. Not only do attractive leases make it cheaper to run than you would think, it is environmentally-friendly and also very fast and fun to drive. It is the first time an electric car has been named Parkers’ Car of the Year, but with all the big manufacturers spending billions on developing exciting EVs, it is unlikely to be the last.” —Keith Adams, editor of the motoring title, said to This Money.

Electric Car of the Year

Parkers called the Model 3 a “brilliant piece of disruptive thinking.” One of the things Parkers loved most about it was the cost for the driving range.

“It’s highly capable, very likeable and extremely good to drive. The quality and usability are also a step-up from the Teslas that have come before. We think it’s a real gamechanger.” —Parkers 

“At a time where being ecological has transcended trendy, and has moved firmly into ‘essential’, it’s heart-warming to see that car companies are beginning to churn out seriously good electric cars. But is the fact that our winner comes from a disruptive, non-traditional manufacturer a sign of things to come?” —Parkers

Best Company Car of the Year


“The Model 3 is our Company Car of the Year because it’s capable, likeable and good to drive.” —Parkers 

“The needs of company car drivers are many and varied – and any carmaker that can build a model that’s at the heart of what business users need is doing very well indeed. This is a tightly fought award, but our winner offers low running and taxation costs, desirability, reliability and is also a joy to drive.” —Parkers

Safety Award of the Year


The fact that the Model 3 won this award is a no-brainer. The Model 3 has won numerous safety awards this year, and the one from Parkers is just one more added to its vast collection. Parkers called the 94% Euro NCAP score “deeply impressive.”

“The Model 3 has become the overall new benchmark for overall crash-test safety courtesy of its strong architecture and effective restraint systems. Both adults and children are well-protected in Tesla’s smallest electric car with ratings of 96% and 86%, respectively. Rivals have some catching-up to do.” —Parkers.

“Whenever you climb into your vehicle, you want to be confident that it will keep you, your friends and your family safe. Tesla’s Model 3 makes sure you and your precious cargo remain in one piece while on the road, using the latest technological advances to avoid potential hazards ahead – that’s why it’s won our 2020 Safety Award of the Year.” —Parkers

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