Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Vandal Who Keyed 5 Cars (Video)

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Tesla Sentry Mode has caught another vandal, and this time it brings justice not just for one Tesla owner, but for owners of four other cars. Yes, Sentry Mode is a Tesla’s car’s best friend.

It amazes me that people still are not aware in this digital world where cameras are everywhere that they are being watched. Granted, CCTV probably sees a lot more than Sentry Mode, but imagine if every car out there had Sentry Mode. We are coming to that era while Tesla, as always, leads the way with innovative technology that is a result of Elon Musk listening to his customers and making sure their ideas are turned into products and features.

Model 3 Sentry mode just helped me catch a vandal who keyed 5 cars incliding mine. Thank you Elon for making the greatest car ever!! Now hopefully my insurance company doesn’t give me a hard time…
byu/Kellan_OConnor inteslamotors

In a video post on Reddit by Kellen_OConnor, you can see the vandal from Sentry Mode’s point of view. The vandal is walking down the street and keys a total of 5 cars, including the Tesla. The crazy part is, he did it as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Perhaps he thought he was cool being able to key all these cars and that no one would catch him?

Regarding insurance, perhaps insurance companies should give Tesla owners some type of rebate or incentive for having Sentry Mode. After all, it helps save time — time that could be wasted in traditional investigations — and time always equates to money in some way. If conventional insurance companies don’t want to take that up, well, Tesla should do so soon when it has its own insurance in all 50 states.

One of the commenters asked, “How did you ‘catch’ him?” and Kellen explained that the police were already there when he got there and then he just emailed over the video from Sentry Mode. As more incidents are recorded with Sentry Mode, people will soon learn that they are being recorded on video and that the crimes they commit will catch up to them.

So far, Sentry Mode has helped the police capture several people who have keyed cars. Most well known perhaps was the woman in Colorado who keyed a Tesla while its owner was at his child’s soccer game. Another incident was a somewhat crazy attempted carjacking — in which the would-be thief tried to steal a car with the owner sleeping in it. In Sydney, a new Tesla owner who just took delivery of his Model 3 had video from Sentry Mode that filmed a car thief breaking into the car next door. The driver took the footage, which had a clear view of the thief’s face, to the police, who were amazed that it was so clear.

The message is clear: if you are considering vandalizing or stealing someone’s car, you will get caught. As more and more Model 3s make their way to new owners around the world, this means that more and more “eyes” will be watching. Don’t do it. Whatever makes you feel like you have to harm someone else’s car, be it a Tesla owned by a stranger of the lover of your ex, or your ex’s car even, it’s not worth your time in jail or your money lost. In the end, you will lose.

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