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Published on October 19th, 2019 | by Sponsored Content


Protect Your Tesla Model S, X, Or 3 Before Winter Weather Catches Up To You

October 19th, 2019 by  

By Kyle Field

The seasons are a changin’, and that means that for many folks around the world, it is time to break out the cold weather gear and get ready for some inevitable snowman-building sessions. For your Tesla, just like it’s important to slap on some winter tires to maintain traction in the ugliest of road conditions, it is equally important to prepare the inside of your ride with an equal amount of care.

The folks over at EV Items* have you covered for any Tesla you might be rocking when winter weather starts rolling in the next few weeks or so (depending on your location).

Keep Those Dirty Feet Off My Carpet!

To contain the mess that comes into the car with you on your feet, EV Items has built up a proverbial warehouse full of options for kitting up your car for the winter weather. Right at the top of the list are its all-weather floor mats, which are made of an unlikely looking rubber matting that captures any snow, mud, or dirt in tons of tiny pockets in the mat.

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This not only traps the debris; it keeps it from flowing around on your floor in a single mass. The unique material is then laser cut for a perfect fit in the Tesla Model S and the Model 3.

Exterior Upgrades

EV Items also just dropped a new set of mud flaps for the outside of your Model 3 that will not only help keep your debris flinging to a minimum, but will add a stylish look to the car as well. To add some light to the exterior of your car, you can add a set of its Tesla logo puddle lights for the Model 3, S, and X for a bit of Tesla flair and some meaningful illumination before entering the vehicle.

For a limited time, EV Items is offering 20% off to CleanTechnica readers using promo code “CLEANTECHNICA.” Shop here.

Interior Upgrades

On the illumination front, EV Items has a new set of superbright LED lighting upgrades for Teslas that add a nice crisp look to the inside of the car. They are a staggering 6 times brighter than the stock bulbs and feature special gold connectors that increase the durability of the lights, ensuring that they last. You can buy them as individual bulbs or in prepackaged kits for the Model 3, S, or X, depending on what you need.

We previously shared EV Items’ Model 3 Wireless Smart Phone Charging kit, and it is worth highlighting again — at just $59.99, you can literally buy two of these for less than the price of Tesla’s setup. It looks essentially the same, and let’s face it, are you really going to notice if you’re using a Tesla phone charger or not? For me, I’m going to look at it and smile, knowing that I saved $65 on my phone charger. But that’s just me.

EV Items also has a special line of Vegan Center Console Cubbies designed specifically for the Model S and X. These help keep your all your things less cluttered and more organized. I personally love that they keep sunglasses in a spot of their own without having to let them roam freely in one of the oversized compartments in the center console.

Finally, EV Items has a new line of Aluminum Key Fob Covers for the Model S and Model X. Most key fob covers look cheap and don’t really look like they would stand the test of time, but these are different. These covers wrap your fob (if you have one) in a super sleek aluminum frame that is available in a handful of tasteful finishes to suit your personality.

For a limited time, they are offering 20% off to CleanTechnica readers using promo code “CLEANTECHNICA.” Shop here.

*This article was sponsored by EV Items. All images from the company. 

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