From The Mud Field To The Plug — Tesla Gigafactory 3

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From the mud field to the plug, there is a story of growth, determination, and persistence despite opposition. The plug is when the first car built at Tesla’s Shanghai gigafactory plugs in, and it symbolizes success and another major milestone achieved. The message is clear, keep on doing and ignore the haters.

Once upon a time, there were people pointing to an empty field of mud, with claims that Tesla was faking it. Actually, those people are still doing the same thing, despite being so wrong on this story. They change up their criticisms based on Tesla’s narrative of the moment, but the message is always that Tesla is faking something and is about to fail. Never mind history.

Regarding the groundbreaking in China, the haters claimed that Tesla isn’t going to be in China, and if you believe it, then you are a stupid, gullible, weak person who has no life.

Now, after the Gigafactory 3 has been built, the lights are coming on, and the first cars are approved for production, the saying is more along the lines of Tesla is losing money because no one will buy Tesla’s cars in China, and if you believe they will, then you are a stupid, gullible weak person. You have been conned.

If you believe the narratives of the Tesla [TSLA] short sellers, then you have been conned, but not by Elon Musk or Tesla.

You can easily observe the narrative of the loudest advocates for Tesla’s failure. While they scream and taunt Elon on Twitter, Elon replies back with his actions, or rather with Tesla’s actions. For every tweet, every negatively photoshopped image of Elon, and every chant that “Elon is a fraud” (with no real evidence to back up these claims), Tesla’s response has been that of progress.

This speaks volumes of how well Tesla is actually doing, and for those of us in America, we should be not only proud but also in awe of what Tesla has achieved, especially with China. Coupled with the taunts and chants of short sellers and a few in the media who consistently support the short thesis, the Gigafactory 3 is something beautiful. It is extra special.

Interestingly, the ugliest tweets bring out those who not only support Tesla, but who believe in Elon Musk — people like Chao Zhou, who has superbly documented the transition of this mud field; Vincent, who also keeps us updated on the progress of Gigafactory 3 with pics, videos, and inside information.

No Longer A Mud Field

A US Company Embraced By China During A Trade War Between Both Countries

Right now, the US and China are in a trade war. Tariffs have made almost everything go up in price, and we are seeing the effects of it here — things that were once $15 (small appliances, for example) are now $23 and up.  However, this aside, we have to understand one thing:

Tesla is the only foreign company that has its own factory in China — it was approved in a watershed moment by China to operate and sell electric vehicles to Chinese citizens. The fact that China’s government has fully embraced Tesla is nothing to overlook, especially since our own government made Elon pay millions for a tweet certain people didn’t like.

Tesla Granted Manufacturing License in China

Earlier this morning, Reuters announced that, according to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Tesla now has the green light to start production. Tesla, Inc. was added to the government’s list of approved automotive manufacturers and was granted the certificate it needs to start production.

Gigafactory 3 Gets Plugged Into State Grid Power Supply

Bloomberg reported yesterday that the State Grid Corp of China has turned on the lights, so to speak, in the Shanghai Gigafactory. The transmission line will increase electricity supply to the plant at the required level for preliminary production. Shanghai Grid also plans to increase the power supply by 8 times so the factory can run at capacity. This project involves 55 kilometers of cables (34 miles for those of us in the USA) and 17 kilometers of ducts (10 miles). The State Grid also said this was among the quickest it had completed and only took 6 months.

Instead of following the hype of the critics, look at the monumental successes Tesla has had, and not just in China. The reason why short sellers are short Tesla is that they have made money betting against Tesla. I think this will soon change for them, and like all who face the daunting challenge of a big change, they refuse to accept it. They fight it and struggle with all they have. This is why they troll Tesla owners, fans, and shareholders (like me) online. This is why they create their echo chamber and convince some journalists to write negative headlines.

They don’t want their luck to change, but as Prince EA says,

“You can ignore this, but the thing about truth is, it can be denied — not avoided.” — Prince EA

Tesla’s success can be denied, but it won’t be avoided.

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