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Published on October 14th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


Tesla Is The Most Googled Car Brand In The USA

October 14th, 2019 by  

Marketing Daily has reported that a new study shows that Tesla is the most Googled car brand by Americans, with more than 2,240,000 searches on a monthly basis. The model that is the most searched for is the Model 3, with around 673,000 searches per month, according to Click4Reg.co.uk, which specializes in personalized license plates.

Image courtesy Click4Reg.co.uk

Although Marketing Daily surmises that this could be due in part to all the negative press surrounding Tesla, the numbers don’t lie and Tesla has broken its sales record twice in 2019. In the second quarter, Tesla sold 95,200 cars, and in the third quarter, Tesla sold a total of 97,000 cars.

Despite the mostly negative press coverage, Tesla is doing rather well and is very popular. People are loving their Teslas and love sharing their experiences with friends, family, and strangers.

The tweet below shows a short video of Tesla sales from 2010 to 2019. Watching this shows Tesla rising to its current place at the top of sales among plug-in vehicles.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who have Teslas. There is an entire international community of people who love Tesla, own shares in Tesla, and are fans.

Tesla’s Ranking in Google Searches around the World

Click4reg wanted to explore the cars that were popular in 2019 so far and they compiled this report with search engine data from SEMrush. Their report covers 5 countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and France) and which brands were the most searched for online there. These numbers reflect how many Google searches per month people have done on Tesla.

UK. Tesla came in at #4 on the list, with 246,000 Google searches. The Model 3 is the most searched car at 74,000 searches.

Italy. Tesla came in at #5 on the most searched car brand list at 246,000, with 40,500 of those searches being the Model 3 (#1 among all cars).

Germany. Tesla came in at #5 on the list, with 368,000 searches and 90,500 of those searches for the Model 3 (#1 among all cars).

France. Tesla comes in at #7 on the list, with 246,000 searches and the Model 3 scoring 74,000 of them (#1 among all cars).

You can see a pattern here. In France, Italy, and the UK, there were a total of 246,000 monthly searches on Tesla, and in all 5 countries, the Model 3 is the most searched for model. In all 5 graphs, Tesla is in the top 10, and this shows that America is seen as innovative in the auto industry. In Italy, Tesla’s Model 3 was the best selling electric vehicle in September. In 2019, the Model 3 so far has been the second best selling electric car in the country as well.

Many people love their cars to the point that they see it as a reflection of who they are. Tesla is leading in the most innovative ways in the auto market — with electrification and autonomous driving — and it is reaping the rewards. It has also been encouraging its competitors to make their own electric vehicles and do their best to compete with the Silicon Valley startup.

This is just one more report that shows how widely received Tesla is around the world, and despite all the media coverage, Americans are at least researching the American car company leading the EV revolution. Of course, with all the love for Tesla from its many owners — not just in America but around the world — it’s no wonder that Tesla has the most Googled car in many countries and is the most Googled car brand in the US. 

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