Prince Ea Has A Message To Future Generations: Sorry

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Prince Ea is someone I have a lot of admiration for because his messages are positive and empowering. The message of his video below isn’t conveying his sorrow for our deeds to the next generation, but is a voice that is demanding that we wake up while we still have time to do something.

This video is 4 years old. He posted it in 2015. This was before the Amazon was burning; before Greta made her speech at the UN. Looking back at this video is just chilling to see how world leaders continue to bicker over money and ignore the fact that we have an entire planet that could sustain us.

“Hey, Fox News, if you don’t think climate change is a threat, I dare you to interview the thousands of homeless people in Bangladesh.” — Prince Ea

Prince Ea says to the future generations, “Sorry,” yet we all know a simple sorry isn’t going to do anything. Words without actions are meaningless, and this is why I say that his message isn’t apologizing to our future generations, but is a wake-up call to us right here, right now. He even states that in the video.

We need to stop fighting over race, over religion, and over money. We need to stop killing our planet while pretending that every tree cut down is progress. We need to stop denying the truth. Many religions teach that their savior is coming back — no need to save the planet because God will take care of it. Yet these same religions teach that God commanded us to take care of the planet.

Prince Ea’s voice in 2015 is still ringing loudly — echoing across the years to remind us that even though we can deny the truth, eventually we won’t be able to avoid it. As he paints a grim vision of our future with his poetic flow, he uses this image to slap those still asleep to say, “Hey, we can redirect this.” This grim future without trees, the “Amazon Desert,” a land without animals, it doesn’t have to exist. While there is still time, we can work to change it.

“You can ignore this, but the thing about truth is, it can be denied — not avoided.” — Prince EA

The video is 6 minutes long, but the message ends about 5 minutes in. The remainder of the video shows us why Prince Ea made the video. He went to Africa and witnessed how they were cutting down the rainforest for money. So, since money is why they are cutting down trees, he tells us about an organization that is using the money to help keep trees alive. It’s called Stand for Trees. $10 can prevent a tonne of carbon from going into the air.

We can’t stop climate change without ending deforestation. Forests provide clean air and filter water, prevent soil erosion, yet, right now, we are losing about 40 football fields a day. Stand for Trees also has a carbon footprint calculator. I calculated mine and am sharing the results below.

Prince Ea

I live in a small apartment and have a low electric bill thanks to the way I was raised. I don’t own a car and often walk everywhere or take an Uber. My neighbors and I all have a community garden and we often share food as well. We also recycle as much as possible, whether it’s reusing plastic bags (I store beads in them) or collecting aluminum cans for one of the neighbors who goes and recycles them. I expect that my footprint is probably higher than the 9.70, though, and there is always room for improvement.

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