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Published on October 13th, 2019 | by Cynthia Shahan


Tesla Autopilot Saves Momma Bear & Cubs (Video)

October 13th, 2019 by  

Andrew Whittle brings the brightest news of the weekend our way with a new video. Or, I should say, his Tesla’s video brings us this happy story.

Andrew Whittle’s YouTube video shows that Tesla’s Autopilot protects animals as well as humans, while also supporting a purer atmosphere and natural environment.

Directly from Andrew, here’s how the story unfolds:

“I was driving my Model 3 Performance near Glacier National Park in Montana in the evening. Most of the road trip from Utah to Montana was done on Autopilot including this moment where you can see the car goes from cruising at 50mph to a full stop when sensing this family of bears. The momma bear immediately jumps back out on to the road to get between us and her cubs. She then gives us the death stare till we back up away from her two cubs.

“This was an amazing demonstration of how much better the Autopilot function has gotten since I received the car. Not only did autopilot sense the family of bears in the dark while the car was going 50mph, but the Dashcam feature recorded the whole thing in great resolution! Thanks again Tesla!”

Andrew notes the touching motherly instinct of the mama bear. She was so brave and protective. Her immediate reaction to seeing the lights was to jump back on the road to protect her cubs.

He also emphasizes that Autopilot recognized the animals well enough to slow down from 55 mph to a full stop before he could even see the bears in the dark conditions.

Thank you, Andrew, for sharing such an uplifting moment for the week! As well, thank you for dispelling the negative myths that Tesla’s Autopilot is anything but life saving.

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot. Photo by Marika Shahan | CleanTechnica


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