Tesla Model Y Transformer, Easter Eggs, & Halloween Magic

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It’s October, which means that for most people that fall is in full swing. Leaves crunch underfoot as the scents of apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg mingle to warm our senses as the temperatures dip. I did say for most people. Those of us in the South are still experiencing higher than average temperatures, so we can only sip our pumpkin spice lattes and apple ciders wrapped up in thick blankets if we have the air conditioner on full blast.

October also means a really fun holiday where all the monsters come out and dazzle in their cute, creepy, sexy, scary, and hilarious glory. Monsters aren’t the only ones coming out, though — so are superheroes such as the Tesla Model Y Transformer. Simon Mahan’s son, Jonah, is ready for the North Texas Tesla Owner’s Frunk or Treat event (and the potential zombie apocalypse), and Jonah isn’t the only one.

As you can see, Halloween also isn’t just for humans and pets. Many Tesla owners are taking part in the fun tradition and are dressing up their Teslas. We already know what Jennifer Street is dressing her Model 3 as: Toothless from Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon — and she even got a shoutout from Dreamworks on her Model 3’s costume!

Jennifer is also creating a lot of cute Halloween Tesla-inspired artwork that makes you want to gorge yourself on candy corn while drinking hot apple cider.

Jennifer is also taking part in the North Texas Tesla Owners’ Halloween Frunk or Treat event, and she’s not the only Tesla owner doing this. Although her Toothless Tesla has come along beautifully and isn’t quite finished, below is a quick photo of her progress. It should be finished by October 24th — just in time for Halloween.


The North Texas Tesla Owners group shared a couple of other fun Tesla costumes with me to share on CleanTechnica:

Spooky Summon

Many Tesla owners are also getting creative with Smart Summon as a Halloween prank, which CleanTechnica is officially coining Spooky Summon. I’m not sure what is creepier, seeing a Tesla with no driver or one with a skeleton driving.

Also, as Eli Burton from My Tesla Adventure discovered, Tesla has created a Halloween Easter egg and it had him just a bit confused. To activate this Easter egg, change your Tesla’s name to Patsy. A creepy ghostlike foot drops onto the screen and does what feet don’t normally do — it farts. Eli thought it could be an Addams Family reference, but I was also a bit baffled. I even did a Google search and probably confused’s Google’s AI, which was all too happy to give me links to farting foot porn.

A quick view of Eli’s YouTube comments reveals the answer — It’s not really a Halloween Easter egg, but a Monty Python Easter egg. Craig Hamnett explained, “Google ‘Monty Python Patsy’ — he’s a dumb character in the series. The foot is the ‘Foot of Cupid’ and is seen in the opening credits of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Eric Idle was extremely involved with Monty Python and owns a Tesla.”

I’ve never seen Monty Python (please don’t scold me, y’all!), and it’s definitely on my to-do list, but I am more inclined toward Criminal Minds and CSI and that type of things. There’s just something about a good “whodunnit” that makes one feel thrills and excitement, especially as the good ultimately wins against the darkness of mankind.


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