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Published on September 25th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


The Business Of Electric Vehicles

September 25th, 2019 by  

Originally published on Medium.

By Todd Medema

Read Part 1, The Geopolitical Challenges Of Electric Vehicles. Part 3 coming in October.

In Q2 2019, Americans purchased 4,430,000 passenger cars.

2.1% of those (92,599) were electric vehicles — up from 0.9% in 2016.

Electric Vehicle (EV) sales threaten $4.3 trillion in annual revenue ($3T from gas automakers, $1.3T from gasoline):

Chart: Todd Medema, analysis here

To understand what a shift to 100% electric might look like — and whether it’s even possible — we’ll need to understand the three core auto industries: making, dealing (selling & repairing), and fueling.

Finally, we’ll explore two hot topics that influence these industries: Consumer Demand and Executive Compensation.

1. The Making of Vehicles

Why would they change?

Could they change?

primary resourese in EV batteries

Analysis (data from usgs.gov)

What would manufacturers look like in an EV future?

2. Dealerships: Selling and Repairing Vehicles

Why would they change?

Could they change?

What would dealerships look like in an EV future?

3. Refueling (by gasoline or electrons)

Why would they change?

Could they change?

What would refueling look like in an EV future?

4. Consumer Demand

Demand Creation: Advertising & Product Placement

Cost Competitiveness

Range Anxiety & Charging

Image: Tesla

Are there enough options?

Source: Statista

5. Executive Compensation & Incentives to Innovate

In Summary



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