Tesla Sentry Mode Catches More Interesting Moments

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Tesla’s Sentry Mode catches some pretty interesting moments, along with the usual thieves and vandals. It’s like the “Kodak moments” of a previous generation. Some of the moments are pretty funny. Some are scary. Some are awe-inspiring.

Oops, Wrong Car

In a video uploaded by 2Nicks1Cup, a guy goes to grab his door handle. Except, there are a few problems. The door handle isn’t there and the car isn’t his. The guy isn’t really paying attention to which car he is going towards. If Sentry Mode had a face, it would probably be smirking in amusement as the guy tries to grab a door handle that isn’t there. Upon realizing it’s not his car, he does an almost twirl of frustration before realizing he didn’t walk far enough to reach his car.


Emissions Testing

In another video, this time uploaded by TeslaFunnyVideo29, we have a woman walking by the Tesla and then pausing for a short second while doing the “I just farted” wave. It’s a short 8-second clip. It’s dark out, and she’s obviously trying to disperse the gases before any emissions detective could pinpoint the original location of the newly released vapors. Perhaps by pausing in front of the Tesla she could pin the blame on its owner if any other passer-by inhales the wind.

And to be honest, who hasn’t done this — letting out one of those silent-but-deadlies and then quickly moving away so that no one realizes you’re ground zero?

Catching The Storm

In a video uploaded by Eri Sh, Sentry Mode captures the before and during of a storm. Eri’s Model 3 Performance was parked on the roof of a parking garage in August in upstate New York when the storm hit and Sentry Mode awoke.

The watch speed is a 2× playback rate, and things get really interesting around a minute and forty seconds into the video as those dark storm clouds move in and start to do a little rotation. Rain starts just after 3 minutes into the video. After the camera angle changes and the video passes 5 minutes, you can see flooding around the car begin. One can imagine the rolling thunder through all of this.

Police Nabbing A Suspect

In a video uploaded by TeChExPo, with Sentry Mode activated while he was still in the car, he witnessed the police nab a potential shoplifter. He narrates the video and explains that he was waiting on a movie to start at the theater (he had some time to kill) and a guy parked next to him, got out, and went into the mall. The guy came back later, got into his vehicle, and then suddenly a sheriff pulled up behind him yelling at him to get out of the car with his hands up. There were guns involved and a lot of action — enough for the driver to decide to move to a safer parking area.

Mysterious Box-Head Person

DashcamSWE uploaded a short clip of a tall, slender, and box-head mystery man with a really happy smile. BoxHead was trying to be inconspicuous, especially as he dipped behind the Tesla and slowly poked his head around the edge, similar to how a cat would. Then he jumps out, squats, and checks out the car. Right after that, he runs away back toward the other cars and takes off the box, revealing short dark hair.

If this was staged by the Tesla owner, it’s hilarious and needs its own video series. BoxHead gets a Tesla. BoxHead discovers Sentry Mode. BoxHead gets pranked by Fart Mode.

As Sentry Mode catches interesting moments, thieves, and vandals in the future, one thing we can say is that it can be pretty entertaining. It’s showing us, humans, doing odd human things. Well, some are normal, like walking by and looking back. Some are hilariously awkward. And some are downright silly. Years from now, it will be interesting to see all that Sentry Mode has seen. Perhaps Sentry Mode will become the America’s Funniest Videos of the Tesla community.

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