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Published on August 6th, 2019 | by Steve Hanley


What’s Up With Elon’s Recent Bee Tweets?

August 6th, 2019 by  

One of Elon Musk’s more endearing qualities is his quirky sense of humor. He is a big fan of loopy comedy classics like This Is Spinal Tap and Space Balls, Mel Brooks’ over-the-top send-up of Star Wars.

Lately, Elon has sent several tweets containing the word “bee” along with bee pictures and emoji. One envisions the queen of England as a member of the Teletubbies.

Ready for some more recent tweets? Try these:

While Musk’s humor may be slightly off kilter, there is usually a connection between his goofiness and his business ventures. “Ludicrous mode” comes straight from “Space Balls,” and when the new Roadster 2.0 arrives, it will likely feature “Maximum Plaid” mode, making it the quickest production car in the history of the world.

So, what’s up with all these bees all of sudden? That’s the question on the mind of Musk watchers who dissect every Elon tweet for signs of what to expect next from Elon and Tesla. It’s easy enough to speculate that “bee” stands for the letter B.

Every Tesla model except the Roaster has been given a letter designation. Well, sort of. The Model 3 was supposed to be called the Model E, but Ford swooped in and stole that name before Tesla could secure the rights to it, so the E was styled with 3 horizontal lines (☰) and was also named the Model 3 (which caught on a bit more). That’s how Musk preserved his dream of having a S☰XY/S3XY lineup of cars.

Is there a Model B lurking somewhere? Is that what Musk is hinting at? Could the company’s electric pickup truck be called the Model B? Is there another new model we haven’t heard about yet that will get the B designation? Perhaps a less expensive car to slot in below the Model 3? Bees fly. Perhaps Tesla is about to jump into the robocopter market?

The truth is, almost nobody knows and Elon isn’t telling. The official reveal of the pickup truck is scheduled for later this year. Perhaps we will find out more then. At first blush, the name Model B seems a little underwhelming for a vehicle that Musk claims will look like something out of Blade Runner. He suggests it will be better than a Ford F-150, faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, and tow up to 300,000 lb.

If we hear anything more about this, we will let you know. In the meantime, bee prepared for anything and expect the unexpected. Musk watching wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t so darn entertaining. 

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