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Published on July 4th, 2019 | by Cynthia Shahan


Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells You The Patriotic Thing To Do This 4th Of July

July 4th, 2019 by  

I love safe children. Arnold, a sincere thank you for your acting technique, your skill in this video. Clean, fresh air can be increased via effective folklore, effective messaging & storytelling.

“The nonprofit Veloz has released ‘Kicking Gas,’ a comedic video series and digital campaign starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a used-car salesman on a mission to bring back gas-guzzlers (and cheesy mustaches). His off-key interactions with would-be customers provide a hilarious way to convey the message that electric vehicles are simply better cars – for drivers, for the country, and for the planet,” the organization states.

“’Kicking Gas‘ is part of Veloz’s ‘Electric for All‘ awareness campaign, a multimillion-dollar effort uniting unlikely allies of car manufacturers, utilities, clean air advocates, and others that launched with last fall’s series of ‘Opposites Attract‘ videos.”

We saw some unlikely alliances in Florida a couple of years ago as the Sunshine State progressed towards better solar energy access and opportunity, and thwarted the media campaigns aimed at preventing decentralized energy from growing strong.

Arnold is charismatic, intelligent, and has not sold out any of his concern for ecology, for the environment we rely on, despite his particular political affinity. At least not in this video. He highlights the obvious, brings attention to the folly of backward stereotypes. Arnold does this with the kind of prowess we have watched Alec Baldwin employ while playing the one I will not name. It is difficult to use humor to accent cruelty, but some are good at it. Arnold successfully does this. Fossil Fuels are cruel, something many people do not wish to admit.

Thank you, Arnold. You have worked and served the US government, but your talent remains visible as a gifted actor. Keep working with your gifts for the good of humanity, and the good of America.

I move now to another take on fossil fuels. A kindred spirit, I feel she is a friend of love. With her strong kind voice and her fierce beauty, she educates. I watch this woman speak with her strong, kind voice. Please enjoy the kind, gentle, fierce beauty of this woman and her message about fossil fuels as well as Arnold’s:

Back to Arnold, who shows us that men with big muscles can indeed be exceedingly bright as well, we wish more entertainment stars and influential politicians could stand up and try to create change on this existential crisis for humanity. There is no time to waste.

Featured photo credit: Cynthia Shahan, taken in Cherokee, North Carolina.

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