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Published on June 29th, 2019 | by Steve Hanley


Norway Tesla Model 3 Sales In 2019 Equal 50% Of Model S Sales Since 2013

June 29th, 2019 by  

How popular is the Tesla Model 3 in Norway? According to TeslaStats.no, pretty darn popular, with 10,539 registered so far this year. (Two were registered in 2018.) Compare that to the 20,194 Model S sedans registered in Norway since 2013 and the 12,471 Model X SUVs registered since 2016.

Tesla Model 3

Getting sales information from Tesla is harder than predicting Donald Trump’s next tweet, but TeslaStats has all the relevant information you could ask for in the country of Norway. Its data is broken down by color and configuration. It is also collated by city. Did you know 1,706 Teslas have been registered in Drammen — 784 Model S, 526 Model X, and 392 Model 3? TeslaStats does.

How about this stat? Of all the Model 3s registered in Norway, 9,381 are dual-motor Long Range models, 1,040 are Performance versions, 118 are rear-motor Long Range cars, and a whopping 2 are Medium Range sedans. Black is the most popular color (4,394), followed by grey (2,515), blue (1,495), red (1,105), white (1,031), and silver (1). Elon Musk himself may not have such precise breakdowns. Similar information is available for every Tesla ever sold in Norway. For instance, did you know there is only 1 beige Model S in the entire country?

March 2019 was a huge month for Model 3 sales, with 5,315 cars registered — 551 of them on March 23 alone. March 2014 saw the highest number of Model S sedans sold, 1,471, and December 2017 holds the record for Model X registrations in a single month, 1,429.

It’s true that Norway has aggressive incentives for electric car buyers and those incentives have made that nation one of the global leaders in electric car adoption. But despite the silliness spouted by BMW’s head of research and development, Klaus Fröelich (he told an audience last week, “Boo hoo. Nobody wants to buy electric cars!”), there are lots of people who are very happy to buy an electric car if the terms are right.

Norway’s incentives are generous, but it’s not like Tesla cars are free even with the incentives. Lots and lots of Norwegians are proving Herr Fröehlich to be a complete Dummkopf. What he is doing running R&D for a major car company is anyone’s guess. Here is this month’s up-to-the minute chart from TeslaStats. Visit its website for more interesting numbers.

Model 3 Norway sales June 2019

Credit: TeslaStats.no

Hat Tip: Are Hansen 
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