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Published on June 20th, 2019 | by Kyle Field


HOT: Tesla Boosted Supercharging Rate 20% In Latest Software Update

June 20th, 2019 by  

Early Testing Reveals 20% Faster Supercharging In Latest Software Update

Early testing on the latest software update for the Model 3 reveals Supercharging rates have increased 20% in 2019.20.1 compared to 2019.12.1 on a V2 Supercharger. The update highlights just how much work is happening behind the scenes in the software on Tesla’s vehicles to improve charging speeds and to improve the utilization of Tesla’s existing Supercharger network.

A Redditor by the name of Wugz posted detailed charging profiles comparing Supercharging sessions taking the vehicle from 5-80% state of charge and called out some of the key differences in a follow up note. The graph shows that both 2019.12 and 2019.20 have essentially the same maximum charging speed at just over 140 kilowatts, with 2019.20 bubbling up over that rate once or twice.

Model 3 AWD Supercharging

Model 3 AWD Supercharging

The key differences between the two software versions is how fast the charging speed ramps up and what the ramp down curves look like. In 2019.20, the charging speed ramps up much faster, resulting in more range delivered in the first few minutes of the charge.

This is likely due to a better implementation of Tesla’s new On-Route Battery Warmup feature that begins warming up the battery for optimal charging when the vehicle begins navigating to a Tesla Supercharging station. On-Route Battery Warmup was initially rolled out in an earlier version of the software, but as with all things, these new results make it clear that Tesla continues to refine and improve it with each update.

On the back end of the charging curve, the charging rate stays at or just above 140kW for a bit longer and tapers off slower than on previous versions. Interestingly, there is also a second plateau in the charging rate where the charging speed levels off just under 120kW before ramping down again.

“All tests were done on an unoccupied stall pair and preceded by at least two hours of continuous highway driving to warm the battery. 2019.12.1 also included On-route Battery Warmup, and the supercharger was set as a destination for the last 30 minutes of driving. Data was pulled from the API at 15 second intervals,” Wugz noted in a post on Reddit.

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