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Published on June 18th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


Betting Against Tesla Is Betting Against Yourself

June 18th, 2019 by  

To the average American, Tesla is just another topic in the news alongside China, Trump, the weather, terrorism, national disasters, local sports, and celebrity gossip.

They have their morning coffee, rush to work, and glance at the news on their phones. Actually, many Americans work rotating shifts. Those shifts may begin at 9:00 PM at night — and they may not have time to catch up on the news. Unless someone is exposed to Tesla via a customer, fan, or shareholder, they will often only know from what they hear or see in the news.

The average American, working 50 or more hours a week, won’t understand why Tesla exists. They think it’s just another fancy car; maybe a hybrid. Many don’t understand the stock market and most likely won’t buy any stocks either.

I was once like that.

So how can we educate the average American — this person who thinks Tesla is just another fancy car that is way out of their budget?

Well, for starters, we can point out that Tesla now has a $35,000 option, which may be be more, initially, than a 2020 Honda Civic, but unlike the Honda, there are no oil changes, frequent gas stops, or continuous costly maintenance — so a Tesla Model 3 can actually compete on cost with a Honda Civic.

That’s just one comparison. However, Tesla, isn’t just an automotive company.

Tesla Is A Technology Company

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla may have gotten its start in the auto industry, but since 2003, it has grown and branched out. It has evolved to change how we use energy on a day-to-day basis.

Tesla also helps us face and see our own perception of energy and how it not only affects ourselves, but others.

Tesla has three products for energy: Powerwall, Powerpack, and Solar Roofs. The Powerwall is a battery for your home that interacts with the Solar Roof.

The Powerpack is more advanced and has its own microgrid that can actually disconnect from the main grid and operate on its own during an outage.

So What Has Tesla Done So Far To Achieve Its Mission?

Despite what you may have seen or heard in the news, Tesla has already changed the way we view the auto industry. There are quite a few cases where Autopilot has saved lives, Sentry Mode has caught thieves or vandals, and let’s not forget how Tesla owners continue to reduce our carbon impact.

And that isn’t all. Tesla’s energy division has done a lot for our world, too. In 2017 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Tesla sent a team equipped with PowerPacks and solar panels to make sure the Children’s Hospital had power.

Many businesses and countries are now looking to Tesla Powerpacks simply because, in the case of some types of disaster, Tesla will be able to keep the power on if the main grids fail.

In Japan, Tesla installed a 42 Powerpack battery system that aims to reduce energy demand on the Osaka grid during peak hours. “In the event of a grid outage, this Osaka Powerpack installation is designed to provide emergency backup power to safely move a train and its passengers to the nearest station,” according to Tesla on Twitter.

In Australia, Tesla also helped the country during an energy crisis. The cost of electricity was insanely high and Tesla stepped in to make things better.

Tesla set a new global record for the largest grid-tied battery with the installation of the Hornsdale Power Reserve in Australia. “In the first four months of operations of the Hornsdale Power Reserve, the frequency ancillary services prices went down by 90 per cent, so that’s 9-0 per cent,” Godart van Gendt said of the South Australia Tesla Powerpack. “And the 100MW battery has achieved over 55 per cent of the FCAS revenues in South Australia. So it’s 2 per cent of the capacity in South Australia achieving 55 per cent of the revenues in South Australia.”

There’s even a Powerpack installation in Colorado. VW is also using Tesla’s Powerpacks for Electrify America.

Why Betting Against Tesla Is Betting Against Yourself

Tesla is an American company that is successful. Tesla provides jobs and is changing the way we drive and use energy — for the better. In 2008, when President Obama first ran, there was a movement. It was called “going green.” That phrase is still here today. The idea was that we use our resources wisely. Tesla is one of many companies that do this. And through the use of EVs, Tesla owners do this daily.

Yet, so many people, it seems, are rooting for its downfall. People shorting the stock — “shorts” as they are called … in short — viciously mock Tesla supporters and even Elon Musk. It’s not just shorts, but also several reporters who intentionally write negatively toned headlines and use their platforms to mock and spread false information. Some even automatically block Tesla supporters using the Tesla “Q” block list.

If we are rooting for the downfall of a company that provides jobs and is leading the change in how we perceive and use energy (a change that is for the better), we are ultimately betting on our failure.

It’s like we want humans to become extinct. This will happen if we continue to destroy our planet. You may think that you are just one person and you don’t matter, but you do. We all do. Our actions add up and collectively we can either destroy ourselves or evolve.

One way to evolve is to stop hating a company for doing the right thing. If you don’t like Tesla, then start your own company. After all, Tesla freely gives out its patents.


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