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Published on June 17th, 2019 | by Kyle Field


EVgo Celebrates The Completion Of The New “Drive The ARC” Fast Charging Corridor

June 17th, 2019 by  

A new charging corridor connects EV drivers in Northern California’s Bay Area to the popular Lake Tahoe region in the Sierra Nevadas with a network of high speed DC Fast Chargers. The completion of the charging corridor was announced this morning in partnership with EVgo, when the last two stations in the Drive The ARC system were brought online.

Image courtesy: EVgo

The new charging network adds 57 new EV fast charging stations at 26 locations that span the gap between Monterey, California in the west and Lake Tahoe to the east. The two stations commissioned at the ceremony announcing the completion of the Drive The ARC charging loop are capable of delivering a charge at 100kW to vehicles capable of accepting such a high rate of charge. The two new stations are both located in the Bay Area, with one in the south in Redwood City, CA and the other up in the north in Pinole, CA.

Image courtesy: Drive The ARC

All of the new Drive The ARC stations will have both CHAdeMO and CCS adapters and were designed with the needs of today’s EV drivers in mind. Not content to sit idly by as technology improves, the EVgo stations were designed from the start to be upgradable. That maximizes the value from the initial investment and cuts the amount of funding needed to upgrade them in the future.

“EVgo knows how important fast charging is to making Electric for All a reality in California and across the country,” said Jonathan Levy, EVgo’s Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. “DRIVETHEARC has been a great example of a multi-faceted partnership between transportation electrification leaders like EVgo, Nissan, NEDO, the state of California, and others to bring higher power EVgo fast charging to where California drivers want to be.”

Reservation System

The new stations at Pacific Pearl are equipped with a new reservation capability which allows drivers to not only see the realtime status of a station, but to ensure that they will actually be able to charge when they arrive. Adding the capability to reserve a charging station in advance is a natural build on the realtime visibility of station status through the app, and makes charging not just easier, but more reliable for owners.

“Adding high power chargers and the reservation system trial to the project are going to help us to better understand EV users’ driving and charging needs,” said Scott Becker, senior vice president, administration, NissanNorth America. “As the EV pioneer, Nissan’s goal is to increase widespread EV use so that we can benefit the environment on a global basis; correct understanding of the customer’s expectation for charging infrastructure will help us to achieve that goal.”

Locking in a reservation secures a 40-minute reservation slot which includes 35 minutes of charging time, sufficient to deliver up to 90 miles of range. The amount of range delivered per hour is based on the efficiency of the vehicle (miles per kilowatt-hour), the charging capability of the vehicle, and the state of charge when it arrives. The new 100kW charging stations can deliver twice as much range in the same amount of time as the previous generation of 50kW DC fast charging stations.

A Broad Coalition Of Partners

Drive The ARC, or the Advanced Recharging Corridor, came to exist thanks to an impressive array of partners working together to promote electric vehicles, help facilitate government relations between Japan and California, and improve data sharing between the two. Funding for the project came from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), in partnership with the State of California’s Governor’s Office and Economic Development, Nissan Motor Co., Nissan North American, Kanematsu, and EVgo.

‘’NEDO would like to contribute to the development of environmental solutions by promoting EV use to reduce greenhouse gas emission through this demonstration project,’’ said Takashi Omote, Executive Director of NEDO. ‘’By updating our project to get a grip of the progress of the market, needs will enhance our research results and contribute to the wide-spread uptake of EV in the future.”

For more information about the Drive The ARC project, head over to: www.drivethearc.com or find the app in the Android or iOS app stores.


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