While Starman Is In Space, “Big Oil Strikes Back!”

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SpaceX and Tesla are more than just companies. They are a revolution of the status quo and an inspiration for millions of people. So, when these two companies come to together for a project, the result cannot be anything other than epic. That is one way to describe the birth of Starman, who was launched into space in Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster as the payload of the very first Falcon Heavy. That means that Starman is now exploring the solar system — or is he?

Starman has reportedly been seen at the Tesla factory (to the joy of employees) and the second Falcon Heavy launch in March. He has also given talks at some elementary schools, and even CleanTechnica got to meet him at the Tesla Model Y reveal event (where Elon casually complimented Starman for his “Great Outfit”).


While the identity of the Starman hero in “The Adventures of Starman” is still unknown, since the launch of Starman, the person who has been wearing his suit in Starman’s absence is Eli Burton, the creator of the Starman comics.

While the first Falcon Heavy launch and Starman event was inspiring to me, but it was even more inspiring to Eli, who turned Starman into his passion. As Eli would put it:

“My vision for Starman is for him to become more than a moment. I see it as a millennial driven movement where people like me who are inspired by the current space revolution strive to do their best for human advancement toward space. I took an artistic approach because art has the capacity to inspire people, especially children like my daughter, to study hard and strive for STEM careers – this is a must if we are going to conquer the final frontier in our lifetime. I also hope that the Adventures of Starman will help drive public support for space exploration. Starman is the hero my generation needs to keep dreaming of a better future.”

Starman inspired Eli to create the first edition of what will eventually be a series of Starman comic books, which have already become a collector’s item and can be seen on display in multiple Tesla- and SpaceX-related YouTuber studios, including our very own CleanTechnica TV studio as well as the Now You Know studio. It has become one of those essential must-have items, like the Boring Company hat and flamethrower.

Eli is so passionate about Starman that he even had his own Starman suit made. As mentioned before, he has been spotted in his suit at multiple events. “I realized that it was important that Starman have a physical presence, and exist in real life,” Eli said. “So, I contracted with a Hollywood FX studio to make the suit.” This suit looks so realistic that, when I saw him in person, I could not tell it apart from a genuine spacesuit.

Eli was also recently in the news for breaking the 0–60 mph speed record with the new version of the Model S that was recently released. He gets around.

Starting today, Eli is announcing the second episode of “The Adventures of Starman,” titled “Big Oil Strikes Back!” Here is the trailer:

When it comes to Tesla, misinformation and smear campaigns are sky high. Here on CleanTechnica, we often use our articles to try to point that out to people and make them aware of the dangers of absorbing the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). Eli instead has gobbled up every single piece of FUD he could find and smashed them together in the cartoon trailer and comic to help people understand (in a fun way) the “evil” adversaries Elon, Starman, and Tesla face.

Nothing says it better than the synopsis:

“As Starman heads to space, the fight for the future of earth between the futurists and Big Oil continues. Big Oil will conspire with the automakers and the mainstream media to try and stop the clean energy crusade. There will be espionage, intrigue, and real-life events that will leave you wondering … where does real life end and our story begin?”

If you are interested in picking up a copy of part 2, Eli has just kicked off his kickstarter campaign, which can also be reached through TheAdventuresOfStarman.com

It is currently unknown how many copies of part 2 will be made, so you better get one while they are still available! One thing is for sure — our studio will be featuring with one of these beauties as soon we can get our hands on it!

You can follow Starman on twitter @advofstarman and Eli Burton on twitter and instagram.

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