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Published on May 7th, 2019 | by Kyle Field


XING Mobility Introduces Immersion Cooled Modular Battery Pack System

May 7th, 2019 by  

Taipei, Taiwan-based XING Mobility is leveling up its modular battery system with the introduction of an Immersion Cooled Modular Battery Pack System at The 2019 Battery Show in Stuttgart, Germany. The company will roll the new cooling system out in parallel to a full complement of advanced, integrated components and fully compatible powertrain solutions.

The new cooling system will be on display in several different configurations to demonstrate the flexibility and extensibility of its modular, Lego-like design. Each of the configurations showcase a specific application of XING’s battery technology. “These all-in-one, plug-and-play technologies puts our specialty vehicle customers in a very advantageous position of being able to install and connect power in a matter of hours, even without previous experience of EV systems which is something we see quite often with small-to-medium sized manufacturers,” the company’s co-founder and CTO, Azizi Tucker said about the new solution.

XING’s new Immersion Cooled Battery Pack sinks battery cells directly into 3M’s Novec Engineered Fluid. This non-conductive fluid allows for direct surface to liquid cooling without any risk of electricity going where it shouldn’t. The capability to rapidly pull heat from the pack is especially critical in high power applications, like XING Mobility’s own 1-Megawatt, fully electric Miss R supercar. With the new cooling technology, XING Mobility’s new pack has achieved a peak discharge rating of 2,500 amps and a continuous discharge rating of 1,260 amps.

The XING Mobility team designed its battery system to be modular to give vehicle manufacturers of all shapes and sizes the best battery technology in the most flexible package as a tool to use when electrifying their vehicles. When we visited the XING Mobility lab in Taipei, Taiwan in September 2018, we saw a wide variety of vehicles actively being electrified for testing and customers alike. Everything from high performance sports cars like Miss R down to personal electric vehicles and construction equipment were being torn apart and reconstructed. I don’t think I would have been surprised to come around a corner to find Frankenstein laying on a table, the creative energy was so thick.

The announcement of the new immersion-cooled system comes on the heels of the company’s showcasing of an electrified 1969 Chevrolet Camaro in Taipei, Taiwan built with XING’s modular battery system. The build was completed with no adjustments to or modifications of the existing vehicle body.

For more information visit the company website or find them on the usual social media channels for the most current updates. 

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