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Published on April 9th, 2019 | by Kyle Field


Tesla’s Sentry Mode Catches Construction Workers Damaging A Model 3

April 9th, 2019 by  

A Tesla Model 3 owner was lucky to have Sentry Mode looking out for his car when a construction crew attempting a 73 point turn bumped into the rear quarter panel of the car, leaving a dent. Thankfully, the bumping of the car triggered Sentry Mode to activate, sending a text to his phone and capturing the last minute of video from the car’s cameras on his USB stick.

Photo by Ali Madad from Pexels

He uploaded the video to YouTube along with a bit of his story as a cautionary tale for other owners and potential owners and a note about the utility of Sentry Mode (as well as the unscrupulous nature of a few construction workers). Upon confronting the construction company, they flat out denied his inquiry, stating that it wasn’t them, no-way, no-how. He flipped over his cards and told them that he had it all on video and they started singing.

Here’s his side of the story:

“Construction going on across the street from where I parked. Got a alert Sentry alarm was trigged so when I came home I found a nice dent on the rear panel. Sentry mode to the rescue. Truck driver and whole construction crew denied it was them. I told them I have you on video and then they all started singing like canary’s pointing fingers at each other. Without the sentry mode I would have been paying for this out of my own pocket. Are there any honest people left in this world?”

It’s a great example of just how valuable Sentry Mode is for owners of all shapes and sizes. The ability to not only sound an alarm and alert the owner, but to also capture video from the recent past, is a unique feature set that makes Sentry Mode a highly valuable addition to the car. It’s just one more reason to own a Tesla.

Check out the video below that shows the anticlimactic collision that caused the damage.

Source: Reddit 

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