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Tesla 3 vs Tesla Y — Why Are Good Choices So Hard To Make?

In my last article, I gave a brief summary on the pros and cons between the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, and between the Standard Range and Long Range options. I hope it helped people. I had a comment from Barry asking if I could summarize the debate in a decision tree.

In my last article, I gave a brief summary on the pros and cons between the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, and between the Standard Range (SR) and Long Range (LR) options. I hope it helped people. I had a comment from Barry asking if I could summarize the debate in a decision tree.

After careful deliberation, I determined traditional decision trees are hard. All the pros and cons listed in my prior article would take Starman 10 lifetimes to go through. I would have to write really, really small to fit all the decisions onto one piece of paper. That excludes the debate on dual motors, Performance, choosing an X or S, or even waiting for the Pickup or Roadster. Though, I learned some things from the comments and Twitter which I did not consider before about the Y.

Therefore, Barry, I can not make a decision tree. Forgive me. I did come up with a mind map. This mind map lists many of the positive things I think people would consider about both vehicles. I excluded the decision about SR vs LR, as to me that is a much easier decision. My better half and I discussed LR vs Full Self Driving (Side note: she made a comment about not liking the term “significant other” from last week, so we now have “better half”). That is a much tougher decision. To us, the 3 we plan to buy will be a commuter car. We both agreed having the cool features and added safety of FSD would be the better way to go. So long, 3 LR! It was nice knowing you. Welcome, 3 SR+ with FSD! We hope to see you in the near future.

(As a very large detour from the mind map, my Odyssey has three dashboard lights in orange. One is for Daytime Running Lights, another is a Check Engine light, and the last is the Stability Traction Control system. The last two just came on yesterday. I have taken the vehicle to a mechanic and am bracing myself for the repair costs. This was a sign from above. Please pray to the Repair Gods on my behalf.)

The one thing I forgot on my mind map is if you like chrome, get the 3; or prefer the chrome delete, get the Y. Keep a mental tally on that after seeing the mind map. The mind map excludes benefits that apply equally to the 3 and Y. This includes top-notch safety, expected total cost of ownership (TCO) that is competitive if not better than gas cars, instant torque, the Tesla grin, and over-the-air software updates.

A few people were surprised about the Tesla factory tour. I presumed it was common knowledge. It isn’t. After you order your Tesla, you are invited to tour the Fremont factory. With other auto manufacturers, this is a perk usually reserved for those buying very expensive, custom vehicles. With Tesla, anyone can go, but you have to be an owner first. It’s a secret benefit.

Our own crew at CleanTechnica here will be sharing their insights and observations over the coming weeks after visiting Tesla in Fremont. That was a super custom tour, but the tour for buyers is apparently a blast as well. Kyle’s first piece on vertical integration is here, his deep dive into Tesla’s factories is here, Chanan’s teaser video is here (super dope, by the way), and Zach’s initial eagle-eye view is here. There’s much more to come.

I hosted a small poll on Twitter the other day. Beware the Law of Small Numbers. In this small poll, 70% of the 20 respondents said they would choose the Y Long Range. Zero respondents would choose the 3 Long Range. I found both results to be against my expectations. The remainder were split between the Model 3 SR / SR+ (3 folks) and the Y SR (3 other folks). If that poll holds true with the larger population, the Model Y will be a smash hit. Again, beware the Law of Small Numbers.

Here are the instructions on the mind map: Save the picture to your local device. Get a photo editor. Edit the picture. Check off items next to what feature you really like. Count the number of blue. Add that score next to the Model 3 line at the bottom. Count the number of red check marks. Add that score next to the Model Y line. See which one has the higher score. Remember to add in a chrome tie breaker if needed (the purists will complain the 3 has nine criteria and the Y only has eight. It’s okay, I bet the decision will be lopsided for most). Then praise yourself, you know which Tesla vehicle, between the 3 and the Y, is better for you to own!

If this article was useful to you, I urge you to use this referral code when you want to buy your Tesla:

Both you and my good friend will get 1,000 free Supercharging miles, and my friend will get a chance to win a Founder’s Series Model Y or Roadster. The new referral program resets referrals at the end of every quarter.

P.S. I am keeping track of Wall Street analyst and prominent bear claims as we approach the release of Tesla Q1 delivery numbers in a few days. If you find any articles on delivery estimates, please post them here or message me on Twitter. I plan to go through each and every prediction and see if they were right or wrong.

Accountability is the second best disinfectant after sunlight. #Pravduh has not gone away and will return soon! But we need other methods of highlighting discrepancies in the coverage.

Disclaimer: I currently own Tesla shares. I think $TSLAQQ people and bots have a severe problem with facts and logic, not to mention antisocial attitudes, and they are generally people I actively try to avoid. This article is my opinion and is not meant to be investment or financial advice. Please see a properly licensed financial advisor to discuss investments. Follow me on Twitter @vijaygovindan17.

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Vijay Govindan is a Cleantechnica writer part-time. Through his writing Vijay seeks to elevate the realized potential of humankind. Against human trafficking. Tesla Model 3 LR owner. His claim to fame is Tesla and Elon have commented, liked or re-tweeted an article he wrote with the Tesla community. Just once. ;) #WeChooseTesla, #RenewableEnergy and #YangGang supporter. Long Tesla shares. Has a healthy skepticism of the Q branch of the Tesla investment community. Made it to one $tslaq block list. If you read this far, wow, 👏🏽 and 🙏🏽.


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