The Etergo AppScooter Brings Improved Performance & More Functionality To Electric Scooters

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Innovative startup Etergo created the AppScooter to deliver the electric transportation experience of a Tesla, but rolled up into a much more compact scooter format. Zipping along from 0 to 45 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds gives drivers more smile per mile and another option for getting out of the way of traffic.

CleanTechnica caught up with co-founder and CEO of Etergo, Bart Jacobsz, at CES this year to see the AppScooter firsthand and to get a better understanding of how the company plans to take over the world of two wheeled electromobility.

Bart envisioned a future where the scooters that he so loved could be a force for good in the world. Instead of spewing out planet-killing emissions and loud, high-pitched whines, they would zip along silently, packed with technology that makes our lives better. Nothing like what he envisioned existed, so he set out with co-founder Marijn Flipse to build the scooter of his dreams.

Being from the Netherlands meant that they were used to getting around on two wheels, and they envisioned an electrified two-wheeler that would pack in more functionality and more utility with less effort. Their hard work resulted in a beautiful, sleek 74-kilogram electric scooter that can pack in 60 liters of storage under the seat. Importantly, Bart noted that the under seat storage is conveniently large enough for a full case of beer. OK, that was completely intentional, but it serves to highlight just how much can be crammed into the cavernous space.

At the bottom of the storage compartment, the modular battery clicks into place. Each removable battery weighs 7.5 kgs and provides 80 kilometers of range per charge with its 1,155 watt-hours of storage capacity. The idea is that riders will ride the scooter around for the day and after all is said and done, they can simply unlatch the battery and bring it into the house to charge. Not only does that render the scooter immobile, making theft a challenge, it gives city dwellers more flexibility with where and when they charge up.

The scooter can run around on one, two, or three batteries, giving owners more flexibility on the up front purchase price based on the range they need for their day to day travels.

Up front, the driver has access to all of the functions of the vehicle via a large 7″ touchscreen. Think about it like a phone that was built into the scooter. First and foremost, it prevents the driver from using the system while the vehicle is in motion. That keeps everything above board, after all, who can safely navigate a scooter with one hand on the handlebar in traffic, while looking down and trying to play tappity tap on the screen at the same time? Yeah, that’s the shortcut to the hospital or worse, so let’s not do that.

When stopped, it can be connected up to a smartphone and used for navigation instructions, streaming music, and smart notifications. The screen provides an intuitive front end for your smartphone that makes commuting easier and safer at the same time.

The AppScooter by Etergo is shaping up to be a formidable contender as the team works to ramp up production and to secure battery production capacity ahead of the start of production shipments later this year. The scooter market in Europe is still red hot in many areas and given its low price point at €3,399, it puts the migration toward cleaner electrified transportation a real possibility for millions more people around the world.

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