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Published on February 19th, 2019 | by Kyle Field


nextmove Buys 100 Tesla Model 3s To Rent

February 19th, 2019 by  

How many sales will 100 Tesla Model 3 rental cars stimulate?

Progressive German car rental company nextmove has dropped a bombshell of an order for 100 Tesla Model 3s. The firm has already taken delivery of the first 4 Model 3s in the order and has plans to have the car up for rent at all 10 of its locations soon.

The purchase of this first batch of Tesla Model 3s is an indicator to the world that the Model 3 is a fully capable electric vehicle for the masses. The production and delivery infrastructure is in place, service centers are established and most importantly, the charging infrastructure is sufficient to support normal day to day use of a vehicle. A rental company that is willing to invest more than 5,000,000 euros purchasing vehicles is a vote of confidence in that direction.

The purchase of 100 Tesla Model 3s is not the first move into electric vehicles for nextmove — not even close. The company led the way into renting out electric vehicles some time ago, with a fleet of 350 electric vehicles before this new purchase.

“At our driving events, most recently at the e-Niro Welcome Party at the Kia car dealership in Borsdorf, we are seeing a strong increase in interest in electric mobility,” says nextmove Managing Director Stefan Moeller.

“The Tesla Model 3 has already made a brilliant market launch in North America. In 2018 it was the best-selling premium vehicle in the USA and at the same time the best-selling electric car worldwide. Now a real tsunami is rolling towards Europe. The disruptive change is in full swing.”

nextmove is no stranger to Tesla, having set several world records with the vehicles in the last few years, including the longest distance traveled by an unmanned Tesla, hitting 1,001 kilometers in Autopilot. At the same time, the team set a record for the longest distance traveled by an occupied vehicle, at 978 kilometers in a Tesla Model 3. This crew is no stranger to challenging the status quo and continues to do so in its business as well.

Tesla is excited about nextmove’s decision to dive into its latest production vehicle. “We are delighted to hand over the first four Tesla Model 3 to nextmove,” Jochen Rudat, Tesla’s Director of Central Europe Tesla said. “The rental gives potential buyers the opportunity to see for themselves the everyday practicality and multiple benefits of our affordable mid-range vehicle.”

nextmove is making its big move into electric vehicles as the Tesla Model 3 starts rolling into Germany en masse. Thomas the @Clutter_Monster on Twitter posted a video showing the invasion of Tesla Model 3s that Tesla is pushing into the country in an attempt to satiate the surge of demand for its vehicles. The video shows a backlog of trucks loaded up with Tesla Model 3s awaiting unloading and delivery prep in Frankfurt, Germany.

Videos like the one above and the excitement from a car rental company provide just a few more pieces of the real story about Tesla in Europe: demand far exceeds the current supply and there are no signs of that letting up.

Outside of China, Europe is now leading the western world as it charges forward to attack climate change. The Energiewende was the tip of the spear, and since that time, Germany has refocused and is aggressively pursuing climate action. More needs to be done, especially in the German auto industry, and because of the automakers’ complete failure to build electric vehicles, an American company that is finally building “the people’s car” is shipping around the world to fill in the gap.


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