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Published on December 19th, 2018 | by Cynthia Shahan


Elon Musk & Gayle King Test Drive Through The Tunnel He Hopes Will Improve LA Traffic

December 19th, 2018 by  

Despite being a bicyclist, and actually because I am a bicyclist, I love electric vehicles (EVs). I love to drive EVs, but more than that, if I share the roads with cars, I want them to be zero-emissions vehicles beside me on my bicycle instead of a gas car spewing exhaust my way.

So, yes, I like Elon Musk. He’s made the electric car cool and brought on the disruption of dirty oil. That alone is a good way to make a few enemies. So, criticism and the downside of fame come his way as he does his best to help the world. There are many who appreciate his efforts as well, of course. Today, it’s Gayle King.

Whether friend or foe, we tune when Elon has a product announcement to watch and ask ourselves, “What’s next, Elon?” Many did so last night, or caught up with the news from The Boring Company this morning.

I love mass transit, when there are big windows to look out of, so I’m not sure if this tunnel from The Boring Company is for me or is a bit too claustrophobic. Still, I applaud Gayle King’s smiles, the experience, and the newest attempt to solve urban congestion as well as toxic emissions. Always inventive, Elon Musk has a fun new project and is inspiring smiles around the world.

Musk tells CBS, as he has previously tweeted and we covered, that it was traffic gridlock that stimulated this idea — the whole company. That awful, time-sucking, air-ruining, mood-altering traffic congestion that is in especially high abundance in Southern California.

“Either we try something new or we will be stuck in traffic hell for the rest of our lives … I started thinking, ‘Well, maybe this could be underground,'” Musk said.

He and Gayle banter and she so sweetly asked exactly what I wondered. “See, I worry about the tunnel collapsing, Elon?”

Elon smiles and reassures her, “No, yeah, it’s not going to collapse.”

She continues, “Have you ever heard of a tunnel collapsing?”

Elon smiles, “No, these tunnel-reinforcing segments are four times stronger than they need to be for the load.”

And how about that Tesla being futuristically lifted up the tunnel elevator. Definitely need some renewable energy to power that, another Musk forte. 
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