The CalETC Prove It! Campaign Puts Influencers Into Plug-In Vehicles & Films Their Reactions

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The California Electric Transportation Coalition works to educate the public in California about the benefits of electrified transportation, and equally as important, it works tirelessly to advocate for policies that support the transition to electric vehicles.

To raise awareness of electric vehicles, the California Electric Transportation Coalition ran a campaign called ‘Prove It!’ that set up week-long plug-in vehicle loaners for influencers in the greater Los Angeles, California area. Along the way, they filmed short video clips to document their experience which serve to open a door into their world as they learned about electric vehicles first-hand.

Change is hard and the small changes that come with electric vehicles surface very quickly in their updates. Reverend Najuma Smith-Pollard notes that she was worried about where she could find charging in the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in that she drove for a week. “The first day or two, I kept looking at the battery and got really nervous because I wasn’t really sure when it would cut out on me,” she said.

After realizing that the hybrid powertrain would kick in after the 35 miles or so of range of the vehicle ran out, her fears were replaced with excitement as she realized how much she was saving in gas by charging up at home each night. “I’m definitely going to look into the Chrysler Pacifica as my next purchase.”

Pastor Hosea Collins is not a small man and he was less than excited when the Chevy Bolt first rolled up to meet him. “This man come pick me up in this itty bitty car, big as I am…but I actually got room!” The Bolt is not a large car and looks very much like any other compact car on the road. “I don’t understand it. The car is small on the outside, but some magical thing makes it roomier on the inside,” Pastor Collins said.

He was also hilariously impressed with how silent the Bolt was. The video below that captured two of the stories from the 2017 campaign is worth a watch just to see Pastor Collins’ excited reactions to the car. At the end of his week, he was convinced that the Bolt would save him money versus his $100 per week gasoline bill and was intent on making his next vehicle purchase an electric vehicle.

These two examples serve as reminders of the impressive benefits of electric vehicles and the attraction they have to the masses. Electric vehicles are, by and large, better vehicles in just about every way compared to their gas and diesel counterparts and all it takes in many instances is getting butts in seats to try them out for people to be convinced of that.

Learn more about the Prove It! campaign on the CalETC website or just pop in to the quick video below that is worth the three minutes of time just for a few laughs.

Source: CalETC Prove It!

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