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Published on November 25th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan


Even A 2-Year-Old Kid Can Learn To Drive Electric! (Mini Tesla Review)

November 25th, 2018 by  

Our 2-year-old and 4-year-old daughters are already fans of Teslas, but they are especially obsessed with one in particular — their own Tesla.

Thanks to Paul Fosse, the Tesla referral program, and Radio Flyer, Lily and Julia were recently gifted a torque-happy, stylish, non-Autopilot Model S P90D. Naturally, it has been a ton of fun for them, as well as my wife and I — even though the littlest one was intent on driving the Tesla straight toward a giant pickup truck that had parked on her chalk drawings and the older, wiser one wouldn’t take her foot off the pedal when I told her to and thus crashed into a concrete parking block. Ah, the joys of young kids determined to learn by experience (often unpleasant experiences) rather than listening to mom and dad.

Aside from the basic fun, one sort of interesting thing came to my mind regarding this experience. Our girls already know how to drive electric cars! Electric cars are so simple, smooth, and easy to use that there is actually not much difference between what our girls can already do in their mini Tesla Model S and will one day do to make a real car drive.

Actually, given that they both have more than 10 years before they’ll even be eligible for a learner’s permit, there’s a solid chance they will never drive. Maybe they will — maybe self-driving cars will take a long time to hurdle that last step or two. However, the consensus in the industry seems to be that driving lessons will be about as useful as emu-riding lessons by 2030. As a parent well aware of the insane crash statistics we accept as normal, I have to say that is one forecast about their future that relieves me. Miami may be suffering from large-scale flooding, mass exodus, and horrible hurricane destruction, but at least I shouldn’t have to worry about New Year’s Day roadway disasters.

Anyway, getting back to the fun, I have to admit that I desperately wanted some sort of Big Wheel vehicle as a kid and could never get one, so I’m overjoyed that our young girls get to laugh in the fun of driving their mini Tesla around the neighborhood. The big question I’ll never be able to answer is who enjoys driving a Tesla more — them or me?


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