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Published on November 11th, 2018 | by Kyle Field


Enel’s eMotorWerks Pushes Into European EV Charging With EO Charging Partnership

November 11th, 2018 by  

eMotorWerks is bringing its JuiceNet intelligent EV charging software platform to EO Charging as part of a partnership to develop the new EO Mini Pro EVSE for UK and European customers.

Injecting eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet technology into the new EO Mini Pro gives station owners more insight and control into the way their plug-in vehicle consumes power and the cost of the power it consumes. The new charger will make the EO Mini Pro one of the smartest home chargers on the market for UK and European customers when it is released in early 2019.

“We see electric vehicle chargers as more than ‘just a plug’, they’re the gateway to the future of mobility and the first piece of the puzzle in giving people energy autonomy,” Charlie Jardine, Founder & CEO at EO Charging said. “Electric vehicles represent the most disruptive technology the modern power network has ever witnessed, and we are working to ensure that EO is at the forefront of the e-mobility revolution where EV drivers and consumers are playing a more active role in their energy generation and usage.”

The new EO Mini Pro with JuiceNet brings the benefits of connectivity and data to the user via a smartphone app that allows for control over charging behavior. Owners can see charging settings at a glance via the app dashboard and perform value-add tasks like scheduling charging time, setting up alerts and reminders about charging, and even allowing owners to charge up from greener sources in certain areas.

In addition, owners can see their historical charging data which, while interesting for homeowners, adds immense value for managers of remote fleets looking to reimburse employees for charging at home, for example.

The increased penetration of eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet into EVSEs from other manufacturers highlights the long tail of value that Enel saw when it acquired the company and folded it into its Enel X unit with its other business units working on demand response capabilities. Selling an electric vehicle charger provides a meaningful, one-time source of income, but the ability to dynamically build and offer a range of demand response capabilities with the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of charging, save the customer money, and generate revenue for the company over the life of the charger is a game changer.

“By participating in energy services, such as demand response, drivers can reduce EV operating costs and relieve pressure on the grid at times of stress,” founder and CEO of eMotorWerks Valery Miftakhov said. “We look forward to promoting EO Charging JuiceNet-powered products alongside our own JuiceBox EV charging stations to support smart-grid charging across the UK and soon in other European countries.”

Source: eMotorWerks 

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