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Clean Transport Arcimoto FUV 15 Beta out

Published on October 3rd, 2018 | by Nicolas Zart


Arcimoto Ends Beta “Fun Utility Vehicle” Release With Celebrations In New York City

October 3rd, 2018 by  

To know them is to like them, and that would give you a good idea what Arcimoto is. But behind those smiles and fun are years of development and now celebrations. The company’s first 15 beta “Fun Utility Vehicles” (FUVs) are out and the team is now celebrating in New York City.

Arcimoto Reaches 15 Beta EVs Milestone, Celebrates In NYC

Arcimoto efficient startup

The Arcimoto team can celebrate years of hard work (a decade!) leading to the first 15 Beta FUV. If you haven’t read our previous articles on Arcimoto and wonder what an FUV is, that’s Arcimoto’s name for its fun three-wheel EV. Not so coincidently, FUV is its ticker symbol — the company is now publicly traded. You can read how we covered its first public shareholder meeting earlier this year in Eugene, Oregon.

Arcimoto is wrapping up its grand tour in New York City this week, where Arcimoto Creative Director Jeremy Bronson thanked everyone who came out for test drives on Saturday. He later added: “We’re getting an amazing response everywhere we go, from people on the street to the many NYPD officers on duty for the UN, to random taxi drivers and passengers sticking their heads out to ask ‘how fast?’”

Arcimoto FUVArcimoto FUV

Having driven and been ridden in a few FUVs, we can understand their curiosity. So, if you are in Kansas City, MO, on October 6; Boulder, CO, on October 8; or Boise, ID, on October 11; we encourage you to take advantage of the chance to test ride one.

In the meantime, you can listen to Mark, Arcimoto’s CEO at NASDAQ:

Nasdaq Spotlight: Arcimoto

#NasdaqSpotlight: Arcimoto has created the Fun Utility Vehicle, which provides an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to a car for urban drivers. We talk with the CEO about the vehicle, which starts at $12,000.🚗

Posted by Nasdaq on Friday, September 28, 2018

A lot of companies have mastered the fine art of talking and marketing, while some have worked a little harder and delivered more tangible results. And while that might be a generality, it certainly does show companies like Arcimoto that leave their startups status for that of a bona fide company after many years of hard work. I consider this to be the right way of starting a mobility platform.

It’s funny to think that in 2011 I rode that cool looking little electric three-wheeler. Over time, it morphed and matured into the fun EV it is today. Where will it be in another 7 years?

Arcimoto FUV 15 Beta out

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