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Published on September 21st, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan


ICE Car Death Watch Trolls the Trolls

September 21st, 2018 by  

What do you first think when you see a picture of a burning car on Twitter? Tesla of course, since that’s the public service announcement the media has drilled into our head. Also, you know, a gas tank can’t catch fire and blow up. And even if gas was flammable, cars wouldn’t be catching on fire every day, ya know?

From one of our newest reports, here are a few quotes about fires (note that ICE = internal combustion engine, which is the thingie that burns gasoline or diesel in a “normal” car):

  • “ICE cars are fundamentally more exposed to fatal fire risks than their electric counterpart.”
  • “Even in case of collision, ICE vehicles are more likely to catch fire than hybrid vehicles.”
  • “ICE cars are fundamentally more exposed to fatal fire risks than their electric counterparts, as the deadliest fires are mostly due to flammable liquids located in the engine area.”

Here’s a snapshot with more:


So, that clears it up, right? That explains why Tesla fires make so much news and have so many people thinking “Tesla” when they hear or read “car fire.” Tesla fires are a big deal because of how rare they are! … Or maybe it’s just another case of Pravduh about Tesla.

We at CleanTechnica aren’t the only ones who have gotten fed up with misleading headlines, biased reporting, and warped narratives of what’s important to know about Tesla, electric vehicles, and cleantech.

On the flip side, one of our new friends over on Twitter, Martin { God of Mars }, has put together a fun little compilation of non-Tesla vehicle fires — and other forms of vehicle death. Presumably, he has done this to try to help people with perspective, to try to help people realize that there are roads full of gas car fires every day, so if you see a fire on the road or on Twitter, your first assumption shouldn’t be that it’s a Tesla. Stepping back even broader, Martin is highlighting that electric cars, especially Teslas, are the safer cars — not gas cars. It’s about perspective. The media too often warps perspective by taking the rare and making it seem common, by focusing on sensational news rather than useful and informative news.

So, to help Martin get the word out and to help with broader public understanding, go ahead and give his ICE Car Death Watch “moment” on Twitter a like and a retweet.

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