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Published on August 3rd, 2018 | by Kyle Field


Tesla Hits The Streets With New Pop-Up Event In Southern California

August 3rd, 2018 by  

Tesla is taking its message on the road again with new pop-up events in Southern California. Tesla brings its Model S and X out to locations with poor coverage to allow customers to see and experience the cars in the flesh. The aim: stoking sales of its larger vehicles.

Tesla recently came out to The Collection in Oxnard, California, for a very quick and dirty pop-up. The event involved a handful of Tesla employees, the two larger Tesla vehicles, and some very basic flags rolling into town. Tesla skipped the traditional burned coffee, high-carb snacks, and balloons for the kids which it sometimes uses to lure in customers, instead relying on the prominent location and the outstretched falcon-wing doors of the Model X to do the job.

Curiously, Tesla chose not to bring its Model 3 to the two-day event, even though the company had blocked out plenty of room to host one. The representatives at the event shared that they had enough orders for Model 3 and were simply exploring the concept of a pop-up event in Oxnard to gauge interest. Feedback from the first day of the event was positive, with a steady flood of customers that continued into Sunday.

We stopped by on Sunday with our Model 3 and, after having just spent our monthly quota of family time talking Tesla in preparation for the purchase of our Model 3, we moved on to do other things after a few short minutes.

The decision to spin up these quick and dirty guerrilla pop-up events shows that Tesla continues to explore new avenues for connecting with customers and potential customers even in the midst of a production and sales ramp unlike any other in the history of the company.

We reached out to Tesla for more information about these pop-up events to gauge whether they are a part of a larger shift in sales strategy. We will update this article if/when we hear back.


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