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Published on July 14th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan


Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Review, Batteries The New Black Gold, Tesla Model 3 & Chevy Bolt Battery Deep Dives … (#CleanTechnica Top 20)

July 14th, 2018 by  

The most popular CleanTechnica stories of the past week actually did not lead with Tesla. Check ’em out below, and dive into the comments of ones that intrigue or excite you.

  1. Family Life With A Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, & A Little Bit Of Chevy Bolt Mixed In
  2. The World’s “New Oil” — Batteries
  3. Tesla Model 3 & Chevy Bolt Battery Packs Examined
  4. Transforming Your Lawn With Edible Landscaping
  5. My Month Commuting With An eBike (#CleanTechnica Review)
  6. Arizona Ballot Initiative Requires 50% Renewable Energy By 2030
  7. Tesla Model 3 Has “Most Advanced Large-Scale Lithium Battery Ever Produced,” Battery Expert Notes
  8. Did Tesla Pass The 200,000 EV Tax Credit Milestone In Q2 Or Not?
  9. Mountain Pass Performance Uncorks Tesla Model 3 Performance & Takes To The Track (#CleanTechnica Exclusive)
  10. Tesla Has “The Potential To Become BMW”
  11. Tesla Model 3, Model X, & Model S = #1, #2, #3 In US Electric Car Sales
  12. Shell CEO Calls For UK To Ban Gas/Diesel Car Sales Sooner
  13. 800HP Electric Mustang = Quick, Quiet, Powerful, Fun
  14. Researchers In Norway Claim Lithium-Ion Battery Breakthrough
  15. Tesla Gigafactory Battery Tech Risk Is A Myth
  16. Tesla Model X Outscores Tesla Model S For 1st Time (New #CleanTechnica Charts)
  17. Tesla On Track To Pass Porsche In Annual Vehicle Sales In 2018
  18. Review Of The Tesla Model 3 From “Driving,” Canadian Auto Magazine
  19. The 5 Worst Things About The Tesla Model 3 (Parody Video)
  20. Diesel SUV Sales Dropping Dramatically In Germany



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