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Published on June 24th, 2018 | by Susanna Schick


Zero Motorcycles Orange County Grand Opening

June 24th, 2018 by  

The Zero Motorcycles dealership that is not owned by Zero, but styled by Zero, had a lovely grand opening party. The weather was perfect for a day of test rides, as it always is in Southern California. Even when it’s too hot to be out riding ICE motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles keep their cool. On the test ride, we idled at a stop sign in front of a busy outdoor cafe. A handful of the patrons looked at us with idle curiosity. None gave us looks of disgust and hatred they reserve for 10 gas-powered motorcycles idling at a four-way stop while they try to enjoy their brunch.

The dealership is technically owned by the DiCostanzo brothers John and David. They’re motorcyclists with a long history in the business of selling motor vehicles. If Zero had actually opened a proprietary dealership, their existing dealers may have all fled. Yes, the press release read as if that’s what they’d done, and yes, that press release was approved before we received it. No need to panic, they’re not choosing 2018 to suddenly flip and sell direct-to-consumer. You may recognize the DiCostanzo name because of John & David’s brother Don. Don is the co-founder of Pedego, the electric bicycle maker.

While many Zero owners lament and wail, terrified that Zero’s #1 dealer, Hollywood Electrics, will suffer from this competition, I’m sure it won’t. After all, the company has managed to build the Zero brand to what it is today. Harlan Flagg just received his NINTH annual award for Zero’s best-selling dealership on Earth. As one of his many happy customers, I give my hearty congratulations.

There are plenty of motorcyclists in both LA and OC to keep both dealerships busy. And Hollywood Electrics has a real competitive advantage in that one of its salespeople is also an instructor at a local motorcycle riding academy. Plus, with more and more people moving to California every day, more people will want to ditch their cars and ride to work. And there is no better vehicle than an electric motorcycle for clawing your way through traffic for 20 miles each way.

Were you one of the 90 motorcyclists who participated in the test rides? Planning to cash in your $500 coupon? Let us know in the comments.



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