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Published on June 19th, 2018 | by Nicolas Zart


Jaguar I-PACE, SpaceInvader, and … Elon Musk (Cleantech Talk Today #5)

June 19th, 2018 by  

Welcome to today’s “Cleantech Talk Today” discussion of fresh electric vehicle (EV) news. In this daily podcast and video series, we talk about anything electric that moves, crawls, flies, rides, drives, swims, swings, or skips.

Zach Shahan and I take you on a daily tour of what we consider to be the most fascinating EV and other cleantech news.

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Jaguar I-PACE, Space Invader … & Elon Musk

Posted by CleanTechnica on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

In this episode, #5 of Cleantech Talk Today, we cover CleanTechnica’s fresh review of the Jaguar i-PACE, Elon Musk recent comms regarding Tesla and other matters, and Denmark squeezing cargo space!

CleanTech Talk Daily

First off — Elon, Musk, and Tesla are headline words that promise sensationalism, but leaked internal emails of saboteurs and tweets at 4:00 am don’t make for the best publicity. What is really happening at Tesla? We want Model 3 news point blank. The other stuff? Meh.

Space Invaders are back, or more to the point, are squeezing cargo space efficiency with a smart twist from Denmark.

Finally, we briefly discussed a coming story on how Peugeot is using Vauxhall to test the electrification route and an EV promise by 2020.

And then Zach took off for the US, but stay tuned for our next Cleantech Talk Today tomorrow, with Zach on the other side of the Atlantic at last!

Of course, these text summaries are just the tip of the iceberg. Watch or listen via the options above to check out all of our chatter on these topics. 


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