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Published on June 6th, 2018 | by Nicolas Zart


Tragic Siemens Magnus eFusion Prototype Accident

June 6th, 2018 by  

Ironically, as I was gathering notes for an upcoming article on the state of the electric air propulsion industry, I read about the tragic electric Siemens Magnus eFusion prototype crash that recently took the lives of its two passengers in Hungary.

Siemens Magnus eFusion Prototype AccidentIt’s always difficult gauging accidents, and especially in the loss of lives in the pursuit of better and more efficient ways to commute. While any new technology brings its toll of danger and threat, the rewards usually outweigh the dangers. And in our hunt for a more efficient propulsion, tragic fatalities can and will happen. This is the first electric airplane tragedy we are aware of.

Siemens is going to have to maneuver some stormy PR waters as its name is associated with the fatal crash of its electric airplane prototype. The company has definitely moved into the electric aircraft industry and is trying to establish itself as the leader. In many ways, it is and will most likely continue to be.

According to FlyingMag, the Magnus eFusion two-seat prototype crashed near Budapest, Hungary, after it was spotted catching on fire. The cause has yet to be officially determined. So far, the Siemens electric motor doesn’t seem to be at fault and the culprit seems to lie with the batteries. We are waiting for the official report.

Siemens Magnus eFusion Prototype Accident Siemens-electric-Sygnus-LFAThe official Magnus statement said: “On 31 May 2018, a Magnus eFusion experimental aircraft took off at 10:10 a.m. and while completing its test flight – due to yet unknown reasons and circumstances – crashed into the cornfield between the settlements Pogány and Szalánta. As a consequence of this, both the pilot and the passenger of the aircraft lost their lives.”

We can always console ourselves by saying that those two pilots lost their lives doing what they loved, but the way to a new platform is always fraught with hardships and, at times, seemingly insurmountable obstacles. These men lost their lives to pursue the move toward electric flight, an evolution that will nonetheless continue.

In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers go to the families of the pilots as we continue our progression toward the electrification of our skyways.

Siemens Magnus eFusion Prototype Accident 

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