ClipperCreek Looks To The Future With New 64 Amp Residential & Commercial EVSE

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With an eye to the future, ClipperCreek has launched a new high-power 64 amp EV charging box designed for use in home and in commercial applications.

The new offering by ClipperCreek joins a growing segment of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE), like the eMotorWerks Juicebox Pro 75, designed for drivers looking for the ability to charge up the increasingly larger batteries found in 200+ mile range electric vehicles in less time. Installing higher-power EVSE is also a way for owners and site hosts looking to future-proof their capital investment with a charger capable of delivering a faster charge than traditional 6.6 kW level 2 chargers.

A Tesla Model 3 charging on ClipperCreek’s new HCS-80.

“As electric vehicle range increases, the vehicle’s ability to accept power at a higher rate is increasing as well,” said Will Barrett, director of sales at ClipperCreek, “the HCS-80 offers users more power to get vehicles charged and back on the road faster. The HCS-80 is perfect for fleets, homeowners and businesses who want to install an economical and powerful station that will serve them now and for future generations of electric vehicles.”

The new HCS-80 is capable of delivering 15.4 kW of power, charging up vehicles more than 11 times faster than the typical level 1 charger that comes with vehicles and more than twice as fast as conventional 6.6 kW level 2 chargers. Offering 15.4 kW charging with the standard J1772 connector is a nice way to offer faster charging speeds without the cost expense of a full-blown level 3 DC fast charging station and ensures compatibility with the maximum number of plug-in vehicles.

It’s worth noting that the extra speed requires additional back-end infrastructure, which will require more robust wiring and circuit breakers to support its 64 amps of draw — most residential level 2 EVSEs only require 30 or 40 amp circuits. The wiring expense can be trimmed back a bit for customers with multiple stations — as would be common in fleet, workplace, and multi-family buildings — by using ClipperCreek’s Share2 solution.

Share 2 is a $184 option that allows two stations to share a single 80 amp circuit and provides intelligent load balancing between the two. Much like Tesla’s paired Superchargers, Share2 allows the first vehicle to start charging to do so at full speed. The second vehicle to charge on the paired chargers will charge at a diminished rate until the first vehicle is done charging. This is ideal for locations with limited electrical infrastructure or for owners looking to add more chargers with less money spent on wiring.

The charger also comes in at a higher price point relative to what most residential EVSE cost — $969. But that won’t be a barrier for many fleet owners who are looking at total lifecycle cost of new batches of electric vehicles that will make use of the stations instead of filling up on gas. For many fleets, a routinely faster charge is easily worth a couple hundred dollars.

Jason France, Founder and President of ClipperCreek, shared that fleets were a large part of the reason for the development of the HCS-80. “There has been an increasing demand for durable, reliable, high-powered stations, especially from our fleet customers. A 64 Amp charging station strikes a great balance between station capacity and electrical infrastructure requirements to deliver our customers high-speed charging at the best possible value.”

ClipperCreek also offers its ChargeGuard option, which adds key-based access control for an additional $78. Below are the full specs for this impressive “Made in the USA” EVSE, whose electrical safety is certified by NRTL:

Charging Power 64 Amp (15.4kW max)
Product Dimensions 19.7″L x 8.9″W x 5.3″D
Product Weight 20.6 lb
Installation Hardwired (3 foot service whip provided)
Supply Circuit 208/240V, 80A
Warranty 3 years
Charge Cable Length 25 feet
Vehicle Connector Type Lockable SAE J1772
Accessories Included SAE J1772 Connector Holster (wall mount); Connector Lock & Keys
Enclosure Fully Sealed NEMA 4
Environment Rating Indoor and Outdoor
Operating Temperature -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to +50°C)

Image courtesy: Clipper Creek

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