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Published on March 14th, 2018 | by Nicolas Zart


Breaking News: VW Scandal Problems Continue With German Courts Siding Against The Car Maker

March 14th, 2018 by  

Over the years, none other than the Volkswagen’s so-called Dieselgate scandal has attracted as much attention from the news. You would also think that after three years things would taper off, but no. VW finds itself yet again going against German courts that sided with the consumers this time. And this time, it could end up costing the German carmaker a lot more than it originally thought.

VW Scandal Problems Continues

VW Scandal Problems Continues

VW Finds Itself In Front Of Yet Another Gigantic Obstacle

VW Scandal Problems Continues

VW Scandal Problems Continues

Board members at the VW head offices must be wondering when this scandal will finally be put to rest. VW seems earnest in its desire to move into a cleaner and healthier future. And despite exaggerated PR marketing and advertising stints, the car company has been very active painting itself a greener face. It has also put its money where its mouth is by launching a country-wide electrification initiative called Electrify America. Overall, the company has been very active in moving on. But that hasn’t been the case with consumers still holding a grudge against the giant automaker for being cheated.

Consumers are not having it, and Dieselgate still rages at this time with owners suing Volkswagen. And so far the response has been a devastating blow to the carmaker. Judges are siding with their countrymen condemning the former car giant. In an even more bizarre twist of fate, a wave of lawsuits is piling up and the giant is started to feel the Atlas effect.

Germany is in shock and is holding VW accountable for what it calls its criticism of VW’s unethical and immoral behavior. This also spells the radical departure of how such “incidents” were dealt with in the past, usually quietly and away from public scrutiny. But these days are different for corporations and their legal departments are doing their best to get VW out of the line-of-sight.

Can VW Avoid The Buck?

VW Scandal Problems Continues

VW Scandal Problems Continues

The gist of the problem is whether or not VW can avoid paying car owners in Europe. It still naively believes that software updates are sufficient to appease an enraged clientele.

VW Scandal Problems Continues

VW Scandal Problems Continues

Up until now, we felt VW had a pretty good chance of leaving its past behind and moving onto an electric world. But this growing string of lawsuits will slow down the company and we can expect more talks about what it will do tomorrow as it scrambles today.

Source: Handelsblatt

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