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Aviation Porsche solar pylon

Published on March 9th, 2018 | by Nicolas Zart


Porsche Could Make A Wild Passenger Drone & Leave You Baffled

March 9th, 2018 by  

When Porsche comes to mind, expensive gasoline performance cars is what we expect. And today’s futuristic and more modern mobility needs are beyond what traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) can afford. Although Porsche has already dabbled with electricity, it confined it to four wheels, period. And in today’s multi-level electric mobility (e-mobility) worldly needs, driving is only one part of the entire mobility equation. That is unless the German company takes its transportation expertise up in the air.

Porsche flying drone

What Do You Get When You Cross Porsche and Drone Technology?

A flying Porsche? Yes, you are right, although a little different than what might occur at first. Porsche announced it is looking into designing a human-carrying flying drone. And in order to do that, it needs to put a few ducks in a row.

One thing Porsche does well is interpret your needs and road conditions. And one thing we look forward to with either a four-wheel bound Porsche or its flying equivalent is that we wouldn’t need a special license to operate one. Like other human-carrying drone projects, Porsche feels most of the flight controls should be automated, and kept away from the user experience. And according to the company’s sales lead Detlev von Platen, a half an hour’s drive could turn into a 3 1/2 minute aircraft flight.

Going from gasoline performance cars to self-flying drones isn’t an easy transition for any given company, let alone a traditional high-end performance car maker. And of course, the conversion from regular cars to the passenger drone space means other rivals are also looking into it. Indeed, local competitor Daimler is behind its own Volocopter’s drone project and Volvo car’s parent owner Geely recently bought the flying car Terrafugia. VW is also no stranger either to aircraft e-mobility with its Italdesign wing partnership and Airbus’ Pop.Up flying car concept.

Making Sense Of Human-Carrying Porsche Drones

Porsche flying drone

That autonomous vehicles (AV) are coming soon to the market is a well-known fact for most people who understand tomorrow’s mobility world. But it is something else entirely to think that Porsche, of all carmakers, would throw its hat into the arena of self-driving cars. Let’s not forget that Porsche’s first car wasn’t gasoline but electric. His second was a hybrid, and the company was founded on the driving experience, not the gasoline part.

It’s difficult enough to write “human-carrying Porsche drones” in a sentence, and the reality is hard to estimate considering those companies often make use of PR and marketing campaigns to mask problems. VW’s diesel scandal is finally taking a back seat, and the company has been hard at work putting some of its money where its mouth is with projects such as Electrify America and the latest stories we published here, instead of talking about what they will do in the future.

Porsche Mission E

In the meantime, while we won’t see a flying Porsche in the near future, we know the industry is moving in that direction, nonetheless. There will come a day when Porsche flies and will carry humans in drone-like electric aircraft.

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