Making Green Energy Choices Easier For Consumers With Drift

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By Carolyn Fortuna
This post is supported by Drift

We live in a world in which technology has spread into our lives in subtle ways. We probably don’t realize technology’s impact on our daily routines because it feels so necessary and natural. Indeed, technology has transformed nearly every aspect of our life — except one.

The aging and inefficient power markets in the US are almost untouched by technology, and it’s become a real problem as the US anticipates new directions for energy production and distribution.

EIA expects annual retail sales of electricity to the residential sector in 2018 to be 2.9% higher than sales in 2017. Moreover, the forecast for total US consumption of electricity is expected to grow by 1.3% in 2018 and by 0.5% in 2019. Our high-technology society demands electricity to power nearly all new products that come to market.

Today’s grid has grown in complexity as historical patterns give way to emerging trends that reflect technological advances in how electricity is generated and consumed. Cleaner energy production and engaged, responsive energy consumers are starting to reshape the grid.

Most consumers have little in the way of information or sources to help them realize that they can power their residences and places of business with clean, and affordable renewable energy. It’s like when you’re at the grocery store, and you want to buy some luscious organic produce. You check your budget and feel like you just can’t afford it, though, so you settle for something less. But you shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to the choices you make to power your home or business.

Reforming the Energy Industry

Historically, power flowed instantaneously from generators across a vast network of transmission and distribution lines before reaching consumers, who used it for home lighting, office electronics, and powering subway systems that move millions through New York City.

One of the shifts is happening to disrupt the energy industry is in New York: the state has implemented the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) comprehensive energy strategy, which helps consumers make more informed energy choices, develop new energy products and services, and protect the environment while creating new jobs and economic opportunity throughout the State.

“We were inspired by REV in New York, rather than going to Boston or Chicago first. You start to see a group of regulators who understand the market and what the future opportunities are,” Drift Founder Greg Robinson says.

The Drift Solution to Reinvent the Energy Industry

Drift partners directly with power makers, working with them to reduce their production costs. When they save money, you save money, and you also get access directly to clean energy, which means carbon-free energy for you. Drift supports these goals of putting more clean energy on the grid.

Making Green Energy Choices Easier for Consumers with Drift

“We are completely incentivized to lower the cost of energy,” Robinson says. “We want to find more local sources, more efficiencies, and strip out the middle person. We don’t lose money if your power bill goes down. But we probably won’t sign up many people if your bill goes up.”

While the traditional power providers make more money when their customers use more power, Drift doesn’t. Customers pay a small fee and, in return, Drift gets them access to the best energy prices in the market. Drift is a company that doesn’t ever want to be at odds with their customers.

While efficiency improvements have had a major impact in meeting national electricity needs relative to new supply, the demand for electricity continues to increase. Robinson describes Drift as an “energy buying team for everyone else,” effectively doing the deals for average folks that are usually brokered by tech giants. As a modern power company dedicated to transparency, choice, and (pardon the pun) empowerment, Drift uses software that makes your experience simple and transparent while also connecting you to the people who make the power. Some Drift customers are even saving up to 20%.

Whose clean energy will you be supporting?

Making Green Energy Choices Easier for Consumers with DriftWhen you sign up with Drift, you’re supporting renewable energy generation from various power makers from across New York state. A few of them include:

  • Sissonville: A 3 MW hydropower plant sitting on Raquette River. Their powerplant helps reduce 7,243 tons of CO2 annually.
  • NY State Dam: A 11 MW project located in the Mohawk River. Their powerplant helps reduce 28,017 tons of CO2 annually.
  • Warrensburg: A 3 MW hydropower plant located on the Schroon River. Their powerplant helps reduce 6,338 tons of CO2 annually.
  • Fourth Branch: A 3MW hydropower plant located in Saratoga, NY. Their powerplant helps reduce 7,344 tons of CO2 annually.

Choose Your Power Solution with Drift

While all electric utilities use similar methods to generate electricity, each operates differently to meet the unique needs of its service area.The folks at Drift believe that everyone deserves access to clean and reliable energy. Their mission is to lower the cost of greener power for every person, everywhere.

When you sign up with Drift, you get access to a personalized dashboard that allows you to track your savings and environmental impact. Everybody’s energy costs are determined, in part, by energy forecasts. Forecasts are influenced by ever-changing factors, from weather to the relative costs of different energy sources. Drift has developed sophisticated algorithms and models to create more accurate forecasts for you. This creates efficiency, which means you aren’t paying for any incorrectly overpriced energy.


Drift is the one-stop, new-school power company. Take control of where your power comes from by joining Drift. And you’ll also feel better knowing that you’re able to choose the place that powers your life.

*This post was supported by Drift; grid image by Casey Horner and hydro image by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

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