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Published on January 1st, 2018 | by Steve Hanley


First Used Tesla Model 3 Sold, Where’s Elon, & Tesla Model 3 Delivery Pics & Videos

January 1st, 2018 by  

It was inevitable. Somebody somewhere always has to have the first available new new thing and is willing to pay a premium to get it. Car dealers have been playing this game since the Eisenhower administration, slapping a surcharge on hot selling new models so they can soak those who absolutely must have the latest Belchfire 5000 with titanium seat-belt buckles before anyone else. The Model 3 is no different, except there are no Tesla dealers to play the “market adjustment” game, so owners are free to do so themselves.

Tesla Model 3 sold on Ebay

This past week, the first used Tesla Model 3 was sold on Ebay, according to a thread on the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club forum. Speculation is the car cost the seller about $56,300 including tax, title, and delivery fees. The buyer paid $75,100 for it, leaving the seller with an estimated tidy profit of around $19,000. Not bad, considering the car had 300 miles on it at the time of sale. That’s a gain of approximately $63 dollars per mile.

If you can’t wait to park a Model 3 in your driveway, there are two others listed for sale on Ebay — one for $80,000 and another for a whopping $120,000. Neither has gotten any bids yet, emphasis on “yet.” The transaction that took place has people on the forum buzzing about whether the seller will be able to claim the $7,500 federal tax credit and will have to pay capital gains tax on the profit. The answers appear to be “Yes” and “No,” in that order. Your mileage may vary. See dealer for details.

Model 3 Delivery Pics & Video

The Model 3 Owners Club forum also has a thread where people can post photos of their new Model 3 at delivery. One person, who is the proud owner of a new black Model 3, took the time to make a video of his car’s exterior, pointing out minor quality control issues along the way. There were a number of slight defects, none of which affect the operation of the vehicle in any way.

The question is, since the Model 3 costs about the same as a BMW 3 Series, should it have the same build quality? If so, the Model 3 shown in the video is somewhat disappointing, but the owner doesn’t seem to  mind. Still, for $50,000, should Model 3 owners expect build quality that matches cars costing far less?

Where’s Elon?

The peripatetic Elon Musk was in Chile this past week, according to Elmostrador. What is he doing there? No one knows, but José Piñera, an important local businessman, sent a note to Elon via Twitter this week. “Welcome @elonmusk to Chile, Saudi Arabia of lithium, a potential solar country and leader of world economic freedom I look forward to traveling SCL-LAX in 30 minutes at SpaceX. “

Chile does indeed have some of the largest lithium reserves in the world and Elon is planning on using a lot of the stuff to make batteries for his electric vehicles and grid storage products. It would be nice to make sure he has guaranteed access to the stuff, since he says the world will need about 12 Gigafactories to meet its energy storage needs, even if he has to build them all himself. Local politician Juan Miguel Castro also tweeted Elon on Saturday.

If Musk really is in Chile this week, there’s a better than even chance he is there to talk to somebody about something to do with lithium. But what? And to whom?

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