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Published on September 30th, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


51% Of British Motorists Expect To Be Motoring In An Electric Vehicle Within 5 Years

September 30th, 2017 by  

The environmentally hopeful results of a recent survey found that 51% (and climbing) of the 1,000 polled British motorists expect to be motoring in an electric vehicle soon. The poll was conducted to mark the launch of Total EV – a website for all things EV and hybrid. The results of the survey show amplified progress in the UK as EVs become mainstream.

It seems the pocketbook is largely the reason (in the poll this time) for the interest. 45% of motorists cite rising fuel prices as the reason for change. 36% indicated that environmental concerns were the main factor behind their switch or planned switch.

To clarify, 51% of British motorists expect to buy an electric car within 5 years. Change is being driven by men, with 60% of male drivers planning to drive an EV within 5 years compared to 42% of women.

Northern Ireland, where charging infrastructure is more developed, has the highest proportion ready or nearly ready to switch to electric (77%).

As an EV driver, I remember the bewildering prelude to my adventure into electric cars. As with all change, a bit of trepidation or anxiety is a reasonable expectation — it’s often part of a process of opening up to something different. I had the educational support of CleanTechnica to help me make sense of it and to push me on — plus. Total EV is another such support system. Encouragement, education, and governmental support help one pass from bewilderment and anxiety to joy and freedom from pollution. Trepidation passes quickly.

Total EV continues: “The need for improvement reveals the survey also shows that there remain barriers to ownership. The Government and the automotive industry have work to do to convince every motorist. Barriers or problems cited include the cost of vehicles (27%), lack of charging infrastructure (22%), driving range (20%) and lack of knowledge (21%).”

Businessman Daniel Green, the founder of Total EV, said: “The world is moving away from petrol and diesel to electric. The public wants it, the Government wants it, and the environment needs it. But where are the manufacturers and how and when should drivers get involved? There are confusing offers, bewildering charging options and genuine anxiety around the range, depreciation and when to jump in.”

He added: “This survey confirms what we already suspected — that Britain has woken up to the benefits of electric driving. The industry needs to wake up fast. There are already 110,000 plug-in cars across the country, but as technology and infrastructure improvements over the next few years and more manufacturers enter the marketplace offering more choice to consumers, we expect to see a transformation in the number of EVs on Britain’s roads.”

“This is the biggest thing to happen to the motor since Henry Ford,” James Baggott, Editor of Total EV, added. “There are huge benefits to owning an EV and with every new model that appears on our roads the interest grows. With so many manufacturers launching electric models things are becoming more competitive and prices are falling. This is a great time for motorists to start thinking about buying an electric car and Total EV will help guide their decision-making.”

Definitely do check out CleanTechnica’s findings and charts on the subject for support. From that report, here are some of the top misconceptions of non-EV drivers that are still holding consumers back:

CleanTechnica and other sites help with everything from the basics to the latest — things such as “How To Charge An Electric Car — 10 Core Steps” as well as hot electric car scoops and news.

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