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Autonomous Vehicles Tesla Model 3

Published on August 11th, 2017 | by Steve Hanley


Tesla Model 3 Automatic Charge Port Door (VIDEO) & Motors For Falcon-Wing Doors From India

August 11th, 2017 by  

This article about the Tesla Model 3 was first published on Gas2.

Self-Operating Model 3 Charge Port Door

Venture capitalist and Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson is the proud owner of Tesla Model 3 number 5. During a video introduction to the car, he focused on the automatic charging door built into the left rear tail light of his car. It can be opened remotely by touching a button on the charging plug or by using a smartphone app. Remember the snake charger?

The advantage of the self-opening and self-closing charging port door is that it will permit autonomous charging in the future, once Tesla completes the design for the automatic charging equipment. The technology will allow Tesla owners to drive in fully autonomous mode and recharge along the way without ever having to operate their cars manually.

Last year, Tesla released a video of an automatic charging cord that looked a lot like a cobra making love to a Model S. Many found the idea more than a little suggestive. No doubt, Tesla engineers are thinking about ways to make their cars connect to charging equipment automatically that are less lascivious.

Tesla has also redesigned its universal mobile connector, which comes standard with the Model 3. The new UMC appears to be smaller and lighter than the one supplied with the company’s other models. The UMC charging cable can be plugged into a standard 14-50 style 50 amp receptacle or owners can order a Tesla Wallcharger through the company’s online store.

Model X Door Motors From India

On another note, Igarashi Motors India announced last week that is has been selected as the supplier for Model X door motors. It will also supply the company with motors for self-retracting door handles and steering column functions.

Known for its expertise with DC motors, Igarashi works closely with Bosch, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers. In addition to India, the company operates in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Germany, as well as the US.

Source: Teslarati

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