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Published on August 4th, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


“It’s Amazing When Nothing Holds You Back” — The New Nissan LEAF

August 4th, 2017 by  

I find the Nissan LEAF to be light, agile, and amazing. The next-generation Nissan LEAF is clearly one of the most anticipated electric cars of the year, perhaps of the next couple of years. It will feature an improved aerodynamic design inspired by airplane wings, Nissan now reveals. Nissan, enthusiastic about its coming offerings, throws out a play on words: “It’s amazing when nothing holds you back.”

With more battery capacity, LEAF drivers will travel farther than ever before on a single — much further.

“Nissan engineers recreated the ideal shape for the new LEAF, enabling a symmetric air flow that helps it slice through the air for a smoother, more efficient journey.”

“Aerodynamics is key to how efficiently an electric car moves,” Nissan adds. “Less drag and better stability enable the vehicle to drive longer distances before having to recharge. The redesigned next-generation Nissan LEAF is lower to the ground, helping it realize zero lift for better stability at high speeds.”

The new LEAF also sports new design features to significantly stabilize the car when hit by strong crosswinds. 

Nissan has clued us in that it is doing its best to help drivers say bye-bye to the brake pedal. The company just announced that the new Nissan LEAF will come with e-Pedal, another pioneering technology from the Japanese firm. In actuality, e-Pedal is one step forward in regenerative braking and one-pedal driving — benefits of electric cars that drivers quickly learn to love.

Norway loves and favors the Nissan LEAF. Many of us do.

It is nice to note the reason people choose fully electric cars: Life, Environmental Benefit.

That said, as electric cars go mainstream, more and more of the market will be choosing them for other reasons, such as fun and convenience.

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