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Sponsored Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum, Professor Daniel C. Esty

Published on July 24th, 2017 | by Sponsored Content


Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum Announces 2017 Preliminary Agenda and Speakers

July 24th, 2017 by  

The Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum* has an outstanding lineup of speakers for their intensive program on Yale’s campus this September 12–15.

These distinguished speakers are thought leaders and innovators drawn from Yale’s renowned Law School, School of Management, and School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, as well as leading practitioners in government and industry. They collectively offer an essential set of strategies and sustainability principles to guide our institutions, governments, businesses, and society.

The Director of the Forum, Professor Daniel C. Esty, brings decades of ground-breaking thinking on environmental law, policy, sustainability innovation, and public-private partnerships to the Forum. He will lead two modules, Sustainability as a Megatrend and Climate Change as a Case Study.

In the words of a previous participant, “Dan Esty demonstrated once again his wide and deep grasp of the sustainability arena and ability to distill the key issues and trends into a remarkably concise presentation.” Another said, “His intelligent, thoughtful, engaging and optimistic approach really made his lecture and the entire program excellent. Well done!”

Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum, Professor Daniel C. Esty

Yale Faculty returning to teach again this fall are standouts in the field of sustainability. Professors Marian Chertow, Gary Brudvig, E. Donald Elliott, and Bradford Gentry specialize respectively in industrial ecology, molecular biophysics and biochemistry, environmental law, and land conservation. Each of their modules will examine current trends in their disciplines, along with sustainability principles and strategies for innovation.

New speakers joining the Forum bring an equally rich set of insights to share. The U.S. State Department’s former top climate change lawyer and a key architect of the Paris Climate Agreement will teach a module on climate change negotiations. A world leader in the field of corporate performance management will teach a module on sustainable investing. Other speakers will teach on the latest innovations in energy and environmental economics and green design.

Click here to view the AGENDA

Click here to view the SPEAKER LINE-UP

YSLF is designed to advance sustainability thought leadership and to inspire sustainability action. To learn from leaders in the field and other sustainability professionals, apply for the 2017 program here. The deadline to apply is August 11th. Space is limited. Scholarships are available.

Click here for more information on the Forum and to APPLY

*This post has been supported by Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum.

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