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Published on July 18th, 2017 | by Kyle Field


Tesla Sends Out Event Invites For Model 3 Part 3 Referral Program Winners, Confirms Location

July 18th, 2017 by  

July is perhaps the biggest month in Tesla’s history, with the first 30 29 Model 3 production vehicles set to be turned over to the first lucky owners on the 28th of the month. Until now, it was uncertain when the event would actually take place, and more than that, where it would be. The first production Model 3 was confirmed to be for Ira Ehrenpreis, but he gifted the prized vehicle to CEO Elon Musk earlier this month, leaving 29 of the first 30 vehicles to be delivered at the event.

The vast majority of new vehicle reveal events in the past have been held at the Tesla Hawthorne Design Studio, where the vehicles were primarily designed, but Tesla has taken a different approach with Model 3. The event on the 28th will be held at 7pm in Fremont, California, which is where the Tesla factory (not to be confused with the Gigafactory) is located. Having the reveal in Fremont makes loads of sense given that Elon Musk announced that the company would be handing over the first 30 production vehicles to the reservation holders in those lucky slots.

In addition to the formal handing over of the keys, Tesla will show off the official production version of the car and share the final details and tweaks made since the initial reveal of the vehicle on March 31st of last year at the Hawthorne Design Studio. Pictures and a brief video of the first production vehicle were shared a week and a half ago, but with limited detail and no description of what options were available, nor of the final interior design.

Invites to the event were sent out to Tesla referral program winners (Tesla owners who referred new buyers in recent months had the opportunity to win a trip to the final Model 3 unveiling). In Tesla’s typical non-traditional style, the referral program winner invites went out before any invites were sent to folks working in the media — though, those are expected to follow in the next few days.

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Pictures of the invites show very limited detail, with even just the bare minimum details regarding the event as well (not even naming the actual address of the event or the company name, “Tesla”). It’s enough time to book travel before flight prices get too far out of control, but it’s probably not enough to book a hotel within walking distance (… or stumbling distance, depending on how much of the inevitably free alcohol is consumed).

With the official kickoff of deliveries, all eyes will soon be focused on actual weekly production numbers of Model 3 as investors and eager customers watch with hopes that the company can deliver on its bold production ramp through the end of the year. Tesla is expected to have at least 400,000 reservations, with the last official number shared (a year or so ago) hovering just below that milestone.

Looking beyond Model 3, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared that Tesla is not resting on its presumed success with Model 3 but will continue to develop additional mass-market models, including the compact utility vehicle (CUV) dubbed Model Y, a Tesla Pickup Truck, and a Tesla Semi, which will be officially revealed in September of this year.

These incremental models will require additional production factories to build the vehicles and more strategically located Gigafactories that are largely expected to be international with a focus on Europe and China. Musk shared at his Ted Talk earlier this year that Tesla would be announcing 2 to 4 more Gigafactories by the end of 2017, bringing the total factories in the works up to 4–6. The two existing Gigafactories focus on producing Tesla’s batteries and solar products in Reno, Nevada, and Buffalo, New York, respectively.


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